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OK folks, here's my year end market report for 2008. You read the papers and you watch the news. You hear all of the predictions and how bad things are. It's very depressing!!! BUT....Real Estate is very very local. This report is very specific to Poinciana Florida. It has nothing to do with rea...
Hi folks. Here are 10 things you can do that may help you in your business. 1. Use Google Docs (forms) to capture leads. 2. Set up a Google Calendar for all of your listings and invite your sellers to "share".  Every time you take an action with their listings enter it on the calendar and the sel...
Purchasing a property over here is pretty straight forward. When you see something you like I prepare a 5 page written purchase offer with the price and terms you want to offer. This is presented to the sellers agent with proof of your ability to purchase i.e. bank statements, letter of credit or...
OK folks. I need help and I need it bad. I'm looking for a few good Buyer agents that want to work. No part timers. Full time agents with technology skills. I have leads. Lots of leads. I'm losing business because I can't get to them all. But Broker Bryant how many leads can you possibly have? We...
OK so TLW told me I really need to re-post my annual Martin Luther King Day post. I agreed. I also feel that Martin Luther King Jr would be a very happy man tomorrow when we get our first black President. We've come a long way since my days of growing up in the deep south. Here's a little story f...
Once I received an offer for one of my listings. Came complete with a copy of an escrow check, a two week closing, more than full price, request for 6% closing costs contribution and the notorious unsigned "pre-approval" letter from "Eddie". Well being the professional Realtor that I am the first...
OK this is a follow up to my post yesterday. I received this email: You are right Bryant, I should not work with 2 realtors at the same time and got a bit excited after reading your blog. It occured to me you are more than an average realtor (broker/listed agent) and may get few properties ahead ...
OK so my head is exploding today!!! So much going on and so many posts that need to be written. Including my year end market report for Poinciana Florida. But today I want to write about BBAs (Buyer Broker Agreements) and why they have never been more important that they are right now.  I expect...
Florida Foreclosure and Investment Properties Thank you for visiting our website and enquiring about Florida Foreclosure and Investment Properties on In order for us to better serve you, please take a couple of minutes to REGISTER FOR PROPERTY DETAILS HE...
How to make $84 on a real estate transaction. First,  you specialize in selling REOs and foreclosures in Poinciana Florida. Then you get leads from a partner, out of the country, who gets paid 1% of the purchase price. Next, you get one of these leads wanting to submit an offer of $28,000 on a pr...

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