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Hi folks. This post is a follow up to my recent post My Buyer only wants one house. Why make 14 offers? If you haven’t read that one….I’ll give you a brief synopsis. It’s about making offers on multiple properties even though my Buyers intent is to only purchase one of them.I’m writing this post ...
Hi folks. Did you know I have been giving away free information on Active Rain for three years? Just about everything I know about Real Estate I have shared and have never asked for anything in return. Today, is going to be different.Starting Saturday June 27th at 11:00 am Wendy Rulnick and I, Br...
Making offers on Multiple properties. Do your Buyers do it? Mine do. And here’s why.In the Central Florida market right now REOs (bank owned properties) make up a HUGE percentage of the saleable inventory of homes. Most sell very quickly, for higher than listing price and with multiple offers.  T...
  OK so my new partner is suckin' up again!!! She's good at it too. Check it out...........     A few weeks ago my life started to change.   I was asked to step outside my boundaries and outside of my comfort zone.   What happened?  I “met” Bryant Tutas- otherwise known as "Broker Bryant" on Acti...
Hi folks. On Saturday I participated in a Webinar hosted by Jennifer Alan. I thought it went very well. If you attended I hope you feel the same. Anyway, there was one more question that Jennifer wanted me to answer. Since I didn’t do it on the Webinar I’ll do it here. "What's the best advice you...
Hi folks. A few months ago I had  Sellers call me who had just received notice that their property was being sold at auction in 10 days. Of course they wanted to know if I could help. As the good little Broker that I am I said “Maybe”. I asked a few qualifying questions and found out the propert...
How many of you have visited blog sites where there was NO indication that the writer was a REALTOR®? Well I have seen many. In fact if I didn't know better I would think the authors of some of these sites were puppets, dogs, cats, fruits, vegetables and an assortment of other non-human "thingies...
  I knew there was a reason I teamed up with Wendy for our upcoming "Short Sale Basics" webinar series. She's sooooooo much smarter than I am. Check it out.   In Destin, Florida, and around the country, as time goes by with short sales, a new problem is growing--  unpaid condo association dues.  ...
  OK here's your opportunity to play "Stump the Broker". I hope to see you guys on Saturday.   Are you a Broker B (as in, Broker Bryant Tutas) follower? If you aren't, you're one of, like 5 people on Active Rain who aren't. We Rainers love our Broker Bryant, don't we? And don't get us started on ...
Hi folks. Here are some excerpts from my day. Nothing special really. Just a normal day with trying to sell REOs in my market. ALL of these properties were active in the MLS and had been placed on the market in the last 48 hours.My Buyers made cash offers ALL well above asking price. Some as hig...

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