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Short Sale approval with GMAC and Bank of America in 53 days. Location: Vista Lakes Village Orlando Fl Listed with Tutas Towne Realty on May 18th at $275,000. Liens: 1st Mortgage with GMAC with a balance of $420,000 2nd Mortgage with Bank of America at $63,000 Terms: Purchase price of $200,000 B...
ABOUT BRYANT TUTAS I am not a lawyer or an accountant. Any legal or financial advice I give is my opinion based on my own experience. Always seek the advice of a professional in these fields before acting on something that I might say. I am however an expert when it comes to listing and selling R...
Hi folks, As most of you know I run a virtual real estate office. What this means is that my associates and I all work from our homes. I do most of my business over the Internet. I rarely talk on the phone. And I rarely show properties.I list Florida properties for sale without ever meeting the ...
OK one more before I take my Thanksgiving break. The Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, sent this letter to the top executives at Bank of Amercia, Wachovia, JP Morgan/Chase and Wells Fargo. Thank you Mr. McCollum for taking this current financial mess seriously. The lenders have way too muc...
Hi folks, Have you noticed that the contract price means absolutely squat these days? Nada. Zilch. It used to be that once a purchase price was negotiated you could be fairly certain that was the price the property would close at. Not anymore. Properly pricing real estate has always been one of ...
Hi folks. This post is inspired by Linda Davis' great article "The NAR Predicts Sunshine and Lollipops". Her post is referring to the NAR's Chief economist Lawrence Yun once again making statements about the Real Estate market that are really nothing more than "spinning" reality to help REALTORS(...
Possibly. I have found that more times than not the Seller is not only willing to but wants to make a cash contribution or sign a note to get the deal done. It helps them to feel  better about their situation. Most people WANT to pay their bills and honor their obligationsOur job as your Short S...
FHA Buyers, at least in my market, are normally placing the minimum amount down, 3.5%, and asking the Seller to pay 6% towards their closing costs. In a market where 87% of the sales are distressed properties, FHA Buyers, in the eyes of the Seller, are second class citizens. It's not only diffic...
How many times have you heard "I want to buy a foreclosure so I can get a deal" and "I was told I could buy foreclosures for 20% less than asking price"? I hear these things every day. It's frustrating when you try to explain the "market" to potential buyers and they don't listen to you. I'm sur...
Hi folks. What a week we have had!! The revamping of seems to have gone over very well. Thank you for all of your positive comments on the new look. Would you believe that in the last week we have had 785 absolute unique visitors? And we had 11,569 page views!!! 40 ne...

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