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Hi folks. What better way to bring in the New Year than to have a contest. Wendy and I have been thinking of some ways to give back next year. As you know, both of us have a passion for Short Sales. We LOVE helping folks avoid foreclosure. So we've decided to have a contest and give away some go...
Hi folks. I was commenting on an article by Russell Shaw over at AgentGenius earlier and one person actually stated that instead of trying to solve the short sale issue we should be working on speeding up the foreclosure process. Speed up foreclosures? Sorry but I’m in the business of helping pe...
Have you ever had one of your Sellers call you and pretend they were a Buyer? Well I have. I'm not 100% positive, but I am about 98% sure that is was one of my own Sellers checking up on me. I could tell that whoever it was, was disguising their voice, and the questions that were being asked me, ...
Hi folks. We are quickly closing in on 2010.  With that in mind I am writing this post to give you a very simple way to achieve your financials goals for next year. First I want you to punch your numbers into this chart. We are looking for how much GFI (Gross Commission Income) you need to meet y...
Hi folks. Just when I think I have this Short Sale stuff figured out I run across another issue that has the potential to really place my sellers, the buyers and the agents in a difficult quandary. Yesterday I received a phone message from Chase in relation to a Short Sale we closed on almost tw...
***FOR REASONS BEYOND MY CONTROL THE COMMENT THREAD ON THIS POST WAS SHUT DOWN BY ACTIVERAIN DUE TO TOO MANY COMMENTS. They are working on the issue. My apologies for our conversation being yanked in the middle of talking. Hi folks. Debe Maxwell wrote a post yesterday titled “I won’t swim in you...
OK before I get started let me say that I know from experience that most REALTORS® are good hardworking trustworthy folk. BUT…….not all.As in any profession there are wolves in sheep clothing. You may think they are looking out for you when the reality is they are just looking out for their walle...
This discussion has been taking place on AR since it's inception. Some of my favorite responses are: I don't even look at that until I'm writing the offer. We should never put our own self interests ahead of our clients. I show my buyers listings no matter what the co broke is, as it is our duty...
Are you serious about Short Sales? Would you like to have help? Support? If so you really need to pop over and join Wendy Rulnick and I opened this network on August 1st. Our goal was to have a network where folks dealing with Short Sales could come together, share i...
Hi folks. Short Sales. Why do I spend so much of my time messing with these things? Isn’t it true most people are just doing them to avoid honoring their promissory note? They borrowed the money they should pay the mortgage. Deadbeats!I closed on a Short Sale a few months ago. The Seller had owne...

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