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Hi folks. In case you have been keeping track, Saturday at 11:00 Eastern Time is the last “live” Session for Short Sale Basics Webinar. During this Session Wendy Rulnick and I will be discussing:August 1st Session 5: Presenting the Short Sale to the Lender  Making your case  Follow up  Negotiatin...
Watch Soooo good looking! in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Hi folks. In this current market, understanding how we get paid and who pays us has never been more important. Everyday we have to deal with REOs offering low co-brokes and Short Sales where co-brokes can be c...
A few months back Baby Bear called Broker Bear to see about placing his home on the market as a Short Sale. Baby Bear had not made payments in about a year.Being the good little Broker that he is Broker Bear went over and met with Baby Bear. During the meeting Baby Bear mentioned that Papa Bear l...
Hi folks. I want to address Jim Paulson's recent post.......... Realtors need to stand up to lenders on short sales! In his post Jim is talking about the frustration with Lenders changing our commission on Short Sales AND Brokers changing the co-broke offered in the MLS based on what the Lender w...
  Hi folks. This post is about "disintermediation". I have a whole bunch of stuff I could write about this topic but today I want to concentrate on Real Estate portals, specifically Trulia, Zillow and Cyberhomes. First, in a nutshell, "disintermediation" is defined as "getting rid of the middlem...
  Debe Maxwell is one of Short Sale Basic's students and has this to say about session 3. Thanks Debe!!!!   Short Sale Basics, Session III--Just What I Needed Today!Our own Bryant Tutus (BB or Broker Bryant) & Wendy Rulnick just hosted their third, short sale webinar today and boy, was it a jam-p...
Hi folks. All the recent spam comments going around AR have given me the opportunity to revisit some of my older posts that I had completely forgotten about. This one included. If you're not calling to hire me then quit wasting my time!!! Leslie Bloss wrote a post last year that stirred up quite ...
Hi folks. OK so it's Friday again. Do you know what that means? It means.......time for me to sell product again!!! I'm sorry BUT I have to do it. TLW needs new shoes AND.....there are agents out there that really need help with their Short Sales. I bet there are agents reading this post right no...
"I'm not a racist but......." Do these words make you cringe? Do you just want to leave before they go any further? The best way to tell a racist is when they say “I’m not a racist but……”. Meeting with so many potential customers on a regular basis, as I do, it doesn’t surprise me when I hear thi...
Hi folks. Having success with Short Sales requires being in charge of the situation from the get go. Buyers and their agents MUST have realistic expectations about Short Sales or...........well just read this. I have attached the counter offer from the Seller. Only the pages with changes have bee...

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