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This is PEACH least in Pennsylvania...!!!   But, so I don’t anger my friends from Georgia, THE PEACH STATE, let me assure you this post is a PEACHY DISCUSSION OF FAITH...!!!   I LIKE PEACHES...FUZZ AND ALL...It dawned on me that there were basically two kinds of peaches...CLINGSTONE A...
If, by now, you haven’t heard of the ‘ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE’ I’ll wait a few seconds while you exit your cave...!!!   OK.......To raise awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and increase donations to this worthy cause...some brilliant mind(s) came up with ‘THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE’...NOW...In t...
As I sit here trying to put out a meaningful post, my thoughts keep turning to the World and all its present problems...and if I kept dwelling on these thoughts IT WOULD BE OVERWHELMING...   SO.......In times like this, when the torrents seem to be flooding down on us, I distract myself with THOU...
Have you ever been quiet with the Lord in prayer and heard words bouncing around in your brain...???   Sometimes, if I’m prepared, I can quickly jot those words down so as to preserve them and hopefully meditate on them later...I CALL THESE MOMENTS: PRAYEMS...part PRAYER part POEM...!!!   The oth...
BE PERFECT as your heavenly Father is perfect...   This is an oft quoted Scripture passage that is either ignored or misunderstood by many of us...!!!   I find that many are reluctant today to endeavor seemingly difficult tasks for FEAR OF FAILING...   The old adage, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, as en...

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