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Those familiar with the STOCK MARKET may understand how THE MARKET moves up or down with what investors FEEL certain commodities may cost in the future...   YES, if it sounds like GAMBLING it is much closer to that ‘ART FORM’ than to any scientific formulas...If it seems like RISKY BUSINESS that’...
  Like some, especially when preparing onions, Tuesday’s State Of The Union Address nearly brought me to tears...   Watching the usual ‘musical-chairs-like’ sitting and standing, the phoney structured applauses, the pious platitudes uttered by our President, and the belittling tone intended for a...
Over the years I have started many books, many endeavors and many tasks, and, for the most part I have seen these to their completion...   Do you remember, like me, beginning to read THE BIBLE from start to finish only to have gotten bogged down somewhere between Leviticus and Numbers...   Or per...
  NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!!   What would I like to see change in 2015...???   Fewer taxes, more income, smaller government, real healthcare reform, humane and just immigration policy, better border security, a bipartisan Congress, judicious use of our God given natural reso...
  OK.......I must admit...the last two weeks have found me ‘idly’ getting caught up on my reading...   I mostly read non-fiction and mostly spiritual classics...   Over the years I’ve gotten tired of SEARCHING for something worthwhile to read...NOW I usually only read HIGHLY RECOMMENDED books...!...

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