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Sometimes it's not what we say that is most meaningful, but how we act...!!! Over the years I have tried hard to become a good listener... Yes, I sensed early on that I was guilty of faulty communication...I would be thinking of what I was going to say next, rather than listening to what was bein...
For over one hour I listened to a terrific orator present a failed attempt at painting a rosy picture for the current state of our union. While the pundits debated over whether the touch phrase of the speech was ‘a sputnik moment' or ‘we need to do big things' or ‘winning the future'...I was thin...
"Late have I loved You...!!!"   These were words uttered by Saint Augustine over 1600 hundred years ago after he discovered that there is a God...!!!   It amazes me how many of 'the smart people of the world', like Saint Augustine before he discovered God, live as if they actually have 'it' all f...
The events of the past 6 days, following the horrendous shootings in Tucson last Saturday, have left most Americans numb and questioning...   Perhaps the question I heard most frequently asked by concerned observers was, "How can God permit these things to happen?"...   Well, God doesn't need me ...
Fran's Friday Forum...111th Congress...A Real Crap House...???   In bowling, before electronic scorekeeping, when any frame had the score '111', it was not unusual to see the scorekeeper build a sort of 'CRAP HOUSE' using the numbers '111' as a foundation...     And so it was with the 111th Congr...
Fran's Friday Forum...OOPS...I Knew I Forgot Something...!!!   Last Friday, New Year's Eve, I neglected to post my usual 'FORUM' contribution...   The holidays were a very busy time in the Gaspari household, and even though I watched The Sound Of Music twice and My Big Fat Greek Wedding twice wit...

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