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“Great people change the course of history while demagogues change the facts of history. The latter find their prey among the witless that never were taught the facts.”   The above is a quote from a book entitled ‘COINCIDENTALLY’ written about 8 years ago by Father George W. Rutler, Pastor of OUR...
“The twentieth century was the American Century or more correctly dominated culturally, financially, and militarily by the United States. I suspect that this century too will belong to the U.S.A. but that China will be a more enduring rival than Japan or Germany or Russia. But that is another sto...
For those of you ‘GRAMMAR CHALLENGED’, HOPE, in my title, is THE VERB, SPRING, is THE OBJECT...   I could easily have RE-BLOGGED last week’s POST, but in the interest of keeping ‘HOPE ALIVE’ as we wait patiently for Spring to arrive, here goes...   This Winter has climbed to fourth, and may easil...
It seems these days that many are talking and complaining about the severity of weather so far this winter...   The severe drought in the far west, the deep cold in the south, the snow and ice storms of the northeast...all have kept the center of our conversation BRRRRRRISK...!!!   Since there is...