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Last week, at a local flea market, I was able to pick up a book originally priced at $10.95 for the amazing sale price of $.50 cents...   The book, LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, by PEGGY NOONAN, best selling author and former speechwriter for Presidents Reagan and Bush (the elder), ...
RELAX my conservative friends...I have not done a ‘BELLY FLOP’...   NO...It merely dawned on me that if it were not for the liberals all around us, we conservatives would find it harder to BE SURE WE ARE RIGHT...!!!   A quick mental list of LIBERAL VALUES (if you can call them that), assures most...
Last Lent I spent a little time each morning with a booklet designed to help reflect on the true meaning of LENT and enhance one’s lenten devotions...   It only took a few minutes to read the printed material in the booklet which usually centered on a short Scripture passage and a simple reflecti...
A week ago today my youngest son, JARED, center for the DANIEL BOONE H.S. football team, was blind sided, hit from behind, and received a severe Whiplash injury...   Lying still on the field, face down, for about 15 minutes, all the while being attended to by a capable trainer, an orthopedic doct...
The above topic sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo...doesn’t it...???   Maybe, just maybe, it may provide a clue as to why our world seems to be so turbulent and topsy turvy today...   If you’re reading this and you don’t agree with my implication of the present condition of the world.......get o...

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