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When hiring a Realtor in Florida it is important to decide how the Realtor will be working for you and what duties they do or do not owe you. I have provided a link at the bottom of this post that will take you directly to Chapter 475 of the Florida Statutes where you will be able to find all inf...
Did you know a fiduciary relationship is forever? When working for a Seller or Buyer as a "Single Agent" you are creating a fiduciary relationship.Brief definition from Wikipedia: for full definition clickA fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care imposed at either equity or law. A fiduciar...
I am always reading and hearing about leads. How do you get them? And what do you do with them? Have you bought leads from this company? Well this got me thinking about what is a lead? A lead to me is someone that contacts me and tells me they want to sale or buy a house in the next 30 days and t...
Negotiated a deal on one of my listings yesterday. The Buyer is purchasing using 100% financing with Seller paying closing costs. My market is affordable housing with the majority of homes priced from $190s to $250s and it seems like most of the Buyers lately have been purchasing with no money do...
Nine years ago when my wife and I opened Tutas Towne Realty we (as in she) would spend hours a day putting together mailers, stuffing envelopes and lickin' and stickin' stamps. We mailed to every one we could think of. Expired listings, withdrawn listings, builders, Realtors, family, friends and ...
Yes, you read that right! Inventory in Poinciana, Fl has plummeted. Last week there were 1,450 homes on the market and today..........1,429!! Yes it's true. It is now a Seller's Market in Poinciana, Fl. Never mind that we have 11 months worth of inventory on the books. It dropped! I am going to c...
Received an offer for one of my listings yesterday. At least I think it was an offer. It came in on a standard Far/Bar purchase contract. The only problem, with what I was able to read, is half of the information was either missing or incorrect. Unless of course the Buyer meant to ask for a 21 da...
Home Inspections. Don't like them at all. Received an "Inspection Report" today stating the AC is five years older than the house! Never had that one before. The house is only six years old and was built by a big time national builder. The AC works great but now the buyer wants a letter from the ...
We always hear about ways to succeed in Real Estate. Well here's a short list of things to do that will ensure that you fail in Real Estate.1. Take your children to your first listing appointment for their entertainment value.2. Lose your cool and cuss out your Buyer or Seller.3. Lose your cool a...
Kind of a lazy hot florida day today. So I'm just sitting around and was thinking how fortunate we are to be in the business of real estate. Set your own hours, take a day off if you want, meet interesting people, solve problems, help people realize their dreams and get paid very well.So I was wo...

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