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"Broker Bryant, How much do you think our home is worth?" "Well, Mr. Need T. Sell, I think you house is worth about $260,000. However, I'm not here to tell you what your house is worth, I'm here to tell you how much your house will sell for. In my opinion, I think we should Range Price your prope...
I hear stories all the time about Sellers that are trying to get out of listing agreements and are trying to cut their Realtors out of the deal to save the commission. I have such a hard time relating to these things. I have never, in 12 years, had a Seller of mine do things behind my back. It ju...
Since joining ActiveRain back in July, I have learned more about Google rankings, SEO, duplicate content, back links, SERPS, Meta tags, key words and so many other things I just didn't have a clue about before. Thanks Mary McKnight. From what I understand, with my limited knowledge of these thing...
Have you ever had one of those days where you can't get a topic out of your head? I'm having one today. I woke up this morning thinking about something to write about and I keep coming up with PUDs. It just seems to me that there must be something a little more interesting that I could write abou...
 What sets you apart from other Realtors in your area? Why would the consumer choose to work with you instead of your competition? Once you have their business, what do you do to keep it? I've been asking myself these questions this week. Why? Well I'm curious as to why I am so successful in what...
To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Well here it is the day before Thanksgiving and I have been asking myself this question all day. I've been talking to myself "Broker Bryant"(Now not only do I talk to myself but I call myself Broker Bryant) anyway, "Broker Bryant, to blog or not to bl...
Working as a solo agent is a decision TLW and I made a long time ago. We truly enjoy our freedom and personally I have a little bit of an issue with control. I am not good at delegating, so having agents and employees just does not work for me.. Since TLW retired from the active side of Real Esta...
Are you an employed Realtor? Or, are you an unemployed Realtor? Do you have an employment contract or are you just trusting your Broker to treat you fairly? It never ceases to amaze me how many Realtors do not have an employment contract. In fact I have heard from Realtors that didn't even know t...
While reading through this month's Broker Agent News, I came across this statement, in an article by Carla Cross. "Are you aware commissions are shrinking? A Real Trends' study pointed out that commissions have gone from an average of 6.1% in 1991 t0 5.1% in 2004. That's a 16 percent price cut! A...
A couple of weeks ago I had looked at a house in Poinciana, that the owner had just gotten back, due to foreclosing on the previous owner. The previous owner was his son. It seems Dad, being the loving father that he is, bought this house for his son and daughter in-law, to help them out, since t...

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