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 Ok, so I did a little Google test today. I’ve been reading about the “long tail”, not quite sure I understand this but how’s this:I “Googled” and my ActiveRain blog showed up as follows.  Transaction Brokerage Relationship-came in at #5 out of 7,690,000.Transaction Broker Relationship-came in at...
Good morning one and all! I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing Saturday after a hectic money making week. Now wasn’t that pleasant? Maybe I will get some business from it. Maybe I will make a friend and they will want to work with me. Maybe a consumer will find this site, see that I’m a nic...
                                                                  Ok, I have been doing a little research related to my post the other day. It seems the Realtor, involved in these deals, had quite a few of these, in my opinion, fraudulent transactions. My research uncovered the fact that, this Re...
Got a call from a Realtor today, off one of my signs. Seems he was out showing houses with a Buyer and noticed my “For Sale” sign. Since they were in front of the house he wanted to know if they could have a look. “Well of course” I say. Then he says “My Buyer wants to know if they will negotiate...
What do you do for a living? I am sure we all have been asked that question many times. How do you answer? Normally, I say something like “I’m a Real Estate Broker, I list and sell houses”. And I think that covers it all. But does it really? Is that all I am? “A Real Estate Broker, who list and s...
I wrote a post a while back explaining “Range Pricing” and how it works. There are still many Realtors who don’t understand this technique and are hesitant to use it. But that’s ok, it is definitely not for everyone and quite frankly, if more Realtors used it, I probably would not have the same s...
I just got off the phone with Mr. Ive B. Screwed. Seems like a nice young man from South Florida, I could hear babies crying in the background. Mr. Ive B. Screwed bought a house in Poinciana, January of this year. He’s never been to Poinciana but based on advice, he received from one of his neigh...
I read this post on another forum earlier today:My name is Michael De Smidt. I just wanted to share the marketing position my team and I have been using. " We don't say "We sell the most homes" much education we have..."We're the REALTOR for you" blah, blah, blah things like that. We have ...
 Ok, folks here we are, the 4th quarter, crunch time. My favorite time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The weather is changing. We even had a cold front in Florida today. The temperature dropped all the way down to 87. Burrrrrr! It was freezing! Ok, maybe not.Anyway, I hear, ...
Since this sounds like the song of the week, I thought I would do a little research on my listings, using Zillow as a comparison. First, I don’t give a hoot about Zillow. It doesn’t affect my business at all. The one thing Zillow can never have is personality. So unless they figure out how to acc...

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