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I've read several post recently talking about taking 6 month listings and nothing less. Well, personally, I take 45 day listings and nothing more. Not only that, but I do not charge cancellation fees. My ads state this, 45 day listing agreements no cancellation fees, ever! For me this works like ...
$65.00. That can be the difference, from your listing selling or just sitting on the market for month after month. $65.00. That's the amount of money that could be standing between you and your next pay check. $65.00. This is how much it costs to buy a couple of worthless leads from a "lead mill"...
As Real Estate professionals, I think it is very important that we know the language of Real Estate. There are quite a few terms that we as Realtors misuse on a daily basis. And I cringe whenever I hear them. And not because I am a stickler on perfect grammar or semantics. In fact, I am far from ...
My mom, I love her to death, sells timeshare resales. She has been in the timeshare business for almost 30 years and can sell ice to an Eskimo. She has won many National sales awards and is excellent at what she does.But she has a hard time understanding what I do. Whenever I call her, and mentio...
Had a listing appointment today. Yes, I know it's Sunday and I don't normally work on Sundays, but hey, I'm the Broker, I make the rules and I can break the rules. It was either today after Church or during the week at night. Well figured I would already be dressed in my "Sunday go to meetin clot...
Success. I love that word. Success. Success to me is not a monetary thing. It is having peace and joy. It is knowing that when I go to bed at night, I have done my best that day. I have treated people fairly and have shown them respect. I have not judged anyone on their appearance. I have not lie...
Yesterday, I did a Blog post that contained a comment about another Realtor, giving the code to my lock box to a buyer so the buyer could do his own final walkthrough. I received quite a few comments about reporting the Realtor to his Broker or filing an Ethics complaint. Let me explain, why I di...
I just love final walkthroughs! Why is it that Buyers and their Realtors sometimes try to spoil the elated feeling I get, knowing that we finally made it to day of closing? I get the call this morning, telling me they did the walkthrough and everything is OK, except for the hole in the living roo...
I have closing today. This house has only been on the market for about 2 months with me and sold for a little under market value. The issue is, it was on the market with another Realtor for 6 months and didn't sale. From what I could see, it wasn't from pricing, but from neglect. This property is...
Once upon a time in the land of Tutas Towne a new born Realtor Princess worked side by side with her Broker Prince Charming. One day the Prince had a listing appointment at a beautiful Castle in the countryside. But alas, Dragons occupied the Castle and after battling for hours, he was unable to ...

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