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Decide what your 2008 goals will be.  Decide what your 2008 marketing plan will be.  Most Agents don't have any idea of how to build a business plan but this time of year it occurs to them that it would be a good time to learn.  (By the way call if you would like to schedule a business planning s...
OK, I have officially decided that I will never get caught up and it is a good thing.  I have been behind since my adolescence.  Between sports, school, clubs, and social life I always had more to do than I could get to.  Now, many years later I have a plan then it takes me many more hours to pre...
Whew, back from NAR and Triple play heading to sunny California to spend two days learning about Brian Buffini's work.  I have lots of insights from the conventions that I'll share over time.  One is that there is not much new technology this year.  All the "new" technologies are reworks of what ...
No question that self esteem, self perception, self confidence colors our entire life experience.  As I talk to Clients about their plans for next year the ones with strong self esteem talk about the good things that happened this year, even if it was a slower year for them.  They anticipate next...
I have a rush of people calling our office to schedule year end planning sessions.  We are gaining a reputation for doing the very well.  I am glad.  I don't think anyone else actually goes over all seven business systems and three personal systems with an open mind so that the Agent ends up with...

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