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Out of my two presentations at the National Convention, particularly the one on Assistants and Teams, one attendee form Australia is lobbying for me to speak at the Australian National Convention and another attendee from the Netherlands contacted me.  Thanks to all of you who were there, your re...
This is written on Turkey Day just before the first football game.  Son number one is home, number two is arriving at a about halftime of game one.Spent an hour at Temple ushering for the Interfaith service, I am never very interested in the service but I love to greet and make people feel welcom...
As we look at the results of one Coaching Client after another they have their best year ever.  Today my 9 am client's production went from nine million in 2006 to over twenty million this year.  I just got off the phone with another whose income rose from a hundred and thirty thousand in 2006 to...
I guess the Real Estate people are finally getting what they deserve," said a member of my health club in the locker room this morning.  After I got over my immediate reaction to attack him, I said, "Even if the worst occurs with the subprime mortgages and foreclosures it will only affect a small...
Most Agents do a poor job of preparing their recommendation of price.  I really think so.As I speak to Agents all over the country, live, in teleseminars, coaching calls, and over the Internet, I am finding there is a lot of talk right now about overpriced listings and sellers who won't change th...
I am getting ready for my presentations at NAR convention next week, one is on Assistants.  A Client told me that she read an article that says in this market it is time to reconsider whether hiring an Assistant is a good idea.Wow, backwards thinking and naïve.  You should always consider closely...
Our method of tracking Agents business is amazing.  One client after another achieves exceptional results within months of starting their coaching.  I have an Agent  that has never done over two and half million now hitting to five million, another who never quite hit six million has had five, on...

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