Graveyard Point (Austin, TX)
Strange title, right?  OK, so I baited you.  The real question is how can I build if my land is in the new Lake Travis floodplain?  Here is one way I just found today. This is in Graveyard Point.  Anyone who knows Lake Travis knows that Graveyard Point is one of the first areas to flood when the lake gets over a certain level.  In fact, many Graveyard Point homes are still airing out from our last round of flooding.Graveyard Point sits pretty low in terms of elevation.  Building on land inside the floodplain has to start with the first level of the house one foot above the floodplain.  In the case of this house, you can see just how high that is compared to where dry ground is.   In this shot, you can see the level of Lake Travis in relation to the main level of the house.  Lake Travis ...
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