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Am I the only person that cannot believe it’s September? That’s just crazy to me! Today is the first day of national Hunger Action Month, so I wanted to do something in relation to that because we are, after all, a city that’s great about giving back. Meals on Wheels delivers food to the homes o...
It is time for me to blog on a fantastic food stop in the Capital City, Cornucopia. This is something random and different, not your everyday restaurant. This is popcorn at its finest, and frankly it should be in a category of its own. This place could make people that don’t like popcorn learn t...
My boss has been excited about this show coming to Austin for the last few months, and since she rarely gets excited about the shows here in town, I figured this one was blog-worthy. To begin with, this show has gotten absolutely fantastic reviews every time I hear or see anything about it. Jers...
I have really stopped posting on Active Rain and just been blogging at my wordpress, because comments on my active rain one keep getting spammed and I can not figure out how to stop it. Check out #60. Allen's Boots?    Here is the year to date list, happy exploring!...
Hot August heat have you craving a way to cool down, here is your solution: the 4th Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival. This is a full, jam packed day of ice cream fun. There will be plenty of contests, music and it goes without saying, ice cream. So here is the rundown on the contests throughout ...
196. M Two Restaurant I don't know what it is about this week but I find that I have tried several new places to eat and do happy hours so that is what I keep wanting to blog on. Don't worry if you are not a foodie this weekend has some non food related fun. It is a fantastic spot to stop in for ...
How about keeping things weird, venturing outside your conform zone and trying something completely random? This is also a crazy fun indoor way to avoid the rain! There used to be an outdoor trapeze place a block from my place and I would pass it everyday on the way home and watch in amazement. ...
Today I am blogging on one of my favorite things to do, paintball. It is one of those creative ways to get outside and have some completely random fun. Plus, for me is it always such an odd adrenaline rush, whenever I am done I have this crazy feeling that I can do anything. With kids being out ...
My furry friend has been on vacation at my parents house and finally is coming back to Austin for awhile so that brings me to one of my favorite “pet friendly” establishments. This is a great South Austin hang out, they have so many fun regular scheduled events, not to mention live music and a g...
Confused by the name, don’t worry so was I at first. The name stems from the fact that they are the only cupcake shop in Austin that offers cake and ice cream and all their ice cream and cupcakes are homemade from scratch. I first had their cupcakes when a coworker brought them into the office t...

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