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Add Some Miracle-Gro To Your Note BusinessAfter our two week break, Note Night In America returns this Monday night at 7 pm by bringing some Miracle-Gro to your note business!We'll be sharing with you some ways to help align your passions, dreams and why's with your note business to help bring yo...
I'm excited to announce that Note C.A.M.P. has exceeded the 700 attendee mark making it the largest online and LIVE note convention in the country!  We've got 30+ speakers joining us April 20-23rd for four days of amazing content on note investing, marketing, raising private capital, crowdfunding...
 SIX PACK ABS FOR YOUR MARKETING Every investor that I speak with is always excited about closing note deals. Note investing is definitely the "sexy side" of real estate, but most investors don't know how to market their deals to attract the right type of investors. So on this episode, Scott will...
Hey, good morning everybody! I hope everybody's doing well this Thursday morning. It is episode 76 of the Note Closers Show, and I thought today I would talk about something we haven't talked about in a while. I know we talk about marketing on a regular basis, but what I thought I would do is lit...
If you aren't achieving the type of success that you are searching for, I'm willing to bet that several of these 13 items are holding you back from the type of success that you are looking for.Join us on Monday night at 7pm CST where Scott will share with you the 13 items that you need to give up...
 Are you closing all the deals you are looking for or are you "tied up" doing things the old way? Are you raising private capital or feel like you are ball gagged when talking with prospective funding partners. Do you feel like your note business is in a rut and in need of a good "spanking" to he...
With it being Valentine's Day to start this thread, I figured that I would share with you the three biggest things that I love about investing in NPN's.  Feel free to add your favorites!1.  Access to more deals!  Especially if you go after regional banks instead of just searching the different li...
I've noticed several current posts on a few other websites where a few note investors were looking to call banks directly to track down note deals.  I've been doing this since 2008 and I thought that I would lend some knowledge and tips on what we have done to build a large database and close a t...
Making America Great Again...One Mortgage At A Time!So no, maybe President Trump didn't sign an executive order to take our Virtual Note Buying For Dummies workshop and get it at half off.But it would sure be cool if he did!So in the spirit of fun and games (and an ability to laugh at all the pol...
So many real estate investors are running around like its the wild west. Most don't have a clue on what they need to be doing on a regular basis or what actions they need to be taking on a regular basis to ensure growth. Without having ways to measure your business activities, you can't tell if y...

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