Bee Cave, Lakeway, Lake Travis (Austin, TX)
By Marisue Mullins
(Marisue Mullins Real Estate)
       The Hills of Texas - Lake Travis Real Estate. I moved to Austin, Texas about three years ago from Boston, Massachusetts all wide eyed and ready to hit the real estate market. It had been awhile since I had been in Austin, say like 1972 when I was a student at The University of Texas!  All I seemed to remember from my days here were protest marches against the Vietnam War (my older brother was there) and fighting against the election of Richard Nixon for our President. For some strange reason, I don’t remember seeing the hills of Texas anywhere! My time was short lived here and I ended up graduating years later from a University in Northern California with a Degree in Business Finance.      Upon my arrival, I was blown away at the beauty and recalled memories I had when I first vi...
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