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Tips on getting a Loan Modification approved: This is not Legal Advice.   If your working on a Loan Modificaiton these are the biggest isses that happen with applications causing delays:   Ill give 3 tips:   1)  Please, make sure and sign and date page two of your taxes. This delays the process if you do not sign and date:  Hardhip letter, taxes, 4506t etc.   2:  4506t - This always causes an issue.  Make sure and read carefully.  I belive it is line 6 that you will need to enter the federal tax you file.  Also you will need to check a box to send the lender the last three years of your tax returns.  Lastly, sign and date includ your phone number.  the instructions are included however never done correctly.  When you get a letter form your lender saying the need a new form it is typical...
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