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While it was with every intention I planned on sharing this presentation at the RainStorm this past weekend, somehow my final decision to do so was influenced by the environment, the ambiance, and the folks I was fortunate to be surrounded by at the Ultra Heat Lounge in Anaheim.  There was a great line-up of speakers and topics, but at the end when it was my turn to present, I felt moved to share something a bit different. So for those of you who came to "RainStorm" to hear the presentation about "Building Blocks for Better Blogs" and didn't get to, I decided to share it here instead, where there is likely to be less distraction and excitement from all the real life and in person social networking that was taking place in the nite-club style environment.  To those of you who couldn't or...
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By Ron Holborn, Commercial & SFR, Anaheim CA, Real Estate & Short
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    The GardenWalk (GW), near Disneyland of Anaheim, California, was developed to attract high-end shoppers and diners with fancy restaurants and retail shops, but the GW has failed to attract the attention it needs. The owners have just defaulted on a $210 million loan, still owing $188 million on the loan, with the GW now going into foreclosure. Negotiations are still in process, so no date of foreclosure has been set yet. The timing for opening the GW less then optimal, right at the genesis of the economic crisis of 2008, and is the blame for bad consumer response to the opening of the GW. Many factors played into the default: not enough publicity, inconvenient parking for shoppers and the delay in the construction of two nearby hotels. Projections are being made that in the years to...
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By Ron Holborn, Commercial & SFR, Anaheim CA, Real Estate & Short
(Short Sales, Foreclosures, Rentals, Income Real Estate)
 UPDATED BLOG I'm getting anxious to go to the new theaters at the recently completed GardenWalk in Anaheim.  The new theaters include an IMAX and thirteen other different standard sized screens.  It has been open for a little over a week now.  Not all of the theaters are open yet.  What I'm really looking forward to is that one of the theaters, to be named Sky Lounge, will be serving up-scale appetizers and possibly alcolhol.  The owners are still waiting to hear if they will be granted a license from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  The city of Anaheim has already approved the license.  If approved, the theater would be the first in Orange County to sell alcohol.  The adult only lobby of this theater will give movie goers the ability to look into the projection room.  It will also...
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