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Brad Andersohn
ActiveBrad - 707.646.1876
location_on Boulder Creek, CA — Retired Executive Director of Education at eXp
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Serving and Helping Real Estate Professionals Succeed Since 1986

My first priority is servicing you and your needs. My second priority is servicing your referrals. You can find me here on ActiveRain providing content as an ambassador. As an early adopter and previous Activerain employee, it's useful and value-added.

I'm here to help agents, lenders, brokers, and members get the most out of their ActiveRain online efforts. People may forget your name, they may even forget what you've said, but they'll never forget how you made them feel!

One never knows the road you'll end up on in life, so continue the quest, seek God's will and do what's right, make a difference in the world, and most of all, enjoy the journey!
"Build your Castles and Mansions on PEOPLE, they are the strongest foundations on the earth!"

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First American's Bill Morrish Award
Dale Carnegie's Sales Champion


Speciallty Skills Include: Business & Goal Planning, Target & Niche Marketing, Real Estate Technology and Tools, Public Speaking, Training and Education, Social Media, Blogging, Mobile Tools and Applications, Contact Management and Prospecting, Lead Capture and Conversion, SEO, SERPS, IDX, CRM, SOI and ROI.

Mark Gridley - eXp Realty
"I've never thanked you for all that you have done to help me get started in Real Estate. As a new Agent I was lost and confused. I joined ReMax in the hopes of getting an education to become a successful Realtor and fortunately that led me to ActiveRain where I found you at the University. I had never blogged before. I didn't even know what blogging, SEO or long tail searches were. You were invaluable in getting me started Brad. It was your support and training that made me the 2nd best blogger in AZ, just 2 votes behind the legendary Phoenix Real Estate Guy and I've been at it for just over a year.
Ann Cummings - RE/MAX Coast to Coast
I have had the great opportunity to be a colleague of Brad's on Active Rain. He has written numerous instructional and tutorial posts on utilizing online marketing tools for the thousands of members on Active Rain. His posts show great detail and precise instructions on each of the pieces of technology he shares with us, and he uses those skills to make sure his writing is clear and concise, and easily understood by his audience. I continue to use Brad's posts to make my online marketing efforts as efficient and productive as possible. And I know numerous other Active Rain members would confirm the same as well. Brad clearly has a firm grasp not only on the latest technology tools available, he also has a great handle on how best to implement them as well. I will continue to look to him for news on how to continue striving to make my online marketing as effective and efficient as possible. He's a terrific asset to all of us who are colleagues on Active Rain!
Nick Bastian - Homesource Preferred Properties
"Brad's industry knowledge, integrity, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to help others is an invaluable asset to his peers. I would, without reservation, highly recommend Brad Andersohn's work in the escrow and technology services that he provides. As a 15 year veteran of the real estate and consulting industry, I have yet to find someone so willing to share his time, knowledge and expertise with others. Subscribe to his blog's! You will be amazed at the wealth of information..."
Patrice Hall - Prudential California Realty
“Brad is the type of person everyone should have in their world; a man with lots of integrity, reliability, honor, helpfulness and smart, too. He has provided services I desperately needed many times - especially computer/PDA and technology fixes. He continues to be interested in my real estate business’ growth and how he and his company can make (my life simpler and) my business better. I very highly recommend Brad!”
Douglas Moore - Alain Pinel Realtors
I recently had the good fortune to meet Brad Andersohn. It was truly an amazing learning experience for me. The primary topics at hand were constructing my business plan for 2008 and growing my business into the future. Brad has written a full suite of software products that directly and intuitively take you down the path of your future business activities and projected results. He breaks the tasks down to monthly, weekly, and daily activities. Once one or several deals get done, the program updates and recalculates new target levels for contacts, appointments, and closings needed to stay on target with your original plan. Brad’s schedules allow flexibility in terms of client contact whether it be thru emails, notes, visits, or phone calls. He and his company,go into great detail in assisting agents with farming and building meaningful databases. Brad’s grasp of blogging, websites and all the interrelated parts of that segment of marketing is unparalleled. My description of Brad’s ideas and products do not do justice to the value they have immediately added to my outlook, attitude and renewed enthusiasm to get my plans put into action. Hats off to a real Pro — and yes, this is a direct, hard core recommendation for you to contact him and REALLY grow your biz.
Kitty Cole - Mason McDuffie - National Trainer RE Services
"I teach a course for senior agents at Mason McDuffie in Orinda and have had Brad Andersohn speak at the prospecting session on three occasions. He is an excellent speaker with a tremendous amount of knowledge. I believe he takes his work very seriously and I will continue to ask him to be a part of my training classes. I think you have a great employee on your team. Thank you!
Eddie Snow - Dale Carnegie
Dear Brad, You are one of those kind of people that instructors "Dream" of having in their class! You are eager, enthusiastic, ready and willing to learn, supportive, and you walk the talk. Your application of what I teach is excellent as is your ability to adapt what I teach to you and your way of selling. To say I am one of your greatest fans would be an understatement! Congratulations on winning the Sales Talk Championship. The competition was excellent. To be chosen Best-of-the-Best is the highest honor. Best of luck to you always!"
Wendy Cutrufelli - Countrywide Home Loans
Brad can only be described as high-energy, creative, "brain food" for the real estate industry. If you want systems, solutions and technologies to take your business to the next level, Brad is the answer! I honestly don't know when Brad sleeps. Awesome Title/Escrow services by day, Technology genius by night. Really good Title/Escrow people take excellent care of clients you bring them, but Brad is on a different level entirely. He helps you develop clients you didn't have before!
Missy Caulk - RE/MAX Platinum
“I would highly recommend Brad's work. He is on top of technology and is a wonderful trainer. 100% ethical, honest and a person with integrity.”
Bobby Carroll - Dakno Marketing
Dear Brad, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other users. "If you are seeking someone who embodies a keen awareness of social media, the ability to bring the very best out of people and loves his work, I recommend you meet and work with Brad Andersohn. Besides being a really nice guy, Brad is a knowledgeable marketer, a shrewd real estate blogging expert and an experienced network builder. At Active Rain, Brad is called the "community builder" which is quite appropriate. In my mind, Brad Andersohn is the resident Active Rain "people builder" who possesses the rare ability to help jump-start your Internet presence so you can enjoy greater success."
Bob Stewart - Active Rain
Wow Brad, You never cease to amaze me...If I was an active real estate agent I would move to your neck of the woods so I could do business with you and somehow figure out a way to put money in your pocket and keep you happy...The info you are dispensing here is really outstanding Sir!!! I can never hit the notify me of new comment box on your posts or my in box will be flooded when I wake up in the morning.
Dean Guadagni - Inner Architect Media
"Brad Andersohn is one of the most important contributors to real estate networking and information today. He is an industry leader, top level writer, public speaker, and rich resource of valuable real estate information. Brad's skill sets: master networker, social media expert, liaison, collaborative contributor, nationally recognized blogger, and social media community builder. If I were starting a real estate related company, Brad would be the first person I would want on my team. The man is one of the most energetic, caring workers I have ever met."

My passion & focus is helping Real Estate Industry Professionals find better, faster, less expensive, and more efficient ways to get the job done! I'm Your Internetarian and Web Concierge for life!