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Freedom Lending Group, Inc. operates under a California Finance License, which differentiates us from your local broker, mortgage outlet, banker, or lender.  We have the power and capacity to lend, issue credit cards, and even operate credit unions.  While having the ability to lend, we also have the capacity to broker investor funds.

Freedom Lending is licensed in 14 states, with additional states commissioned soon.  Most states are licensed by the Banking Commission, allowing Freedom Lending Group, Inc. the capacity to operate as a lender.

Freedom Lending Group, Inc. has emerged as a company founded on trust, integrity, honesty and overall, simply delivery and execution.  With so much negative light in the mortgage industry, we are standing out with our highly trained advisors and low-cost and ethical mortgage practices.  We realize the importance of properly structuring mortgages not for a simple transaction, but for the longevity of our clients' financial success.

Chances are: if you have had a mortgage transaction in the past, you probably will not call your previous loan consultant.  Why so?  Because your best interest was likely compromised.  That all changes with Freedom Lending.  You will always receive the most trustworthy, honest, educated, and beneficial advice from our advisors in hopes of forming a lifelong partnership.

As our saying goes, we have the Freedom to be the last honest mortgage company.


With a background in law, finance, and psychology, I have always tried to utilize all of my educational findings with my real-life learnings. After graduating from the University of California at Irvine with a pre-law degree and a minor emphasis in finance, I deferred my law school objective in order to work in the real world. After doing so for a few years, I quickly became one of the top producers, and few leaders, at up and coming mortgage firm First Financial in San Diego, California.

There, I had my own team whom I guided, managed, and continuously helped evolve. However, with my own vision and desire to transform this mortgage industry I perceived as very unethical, corrupt and, at times, malicious towards its very own heart: the people, the borrowers, the homeowners, the end-users. After my experience at First Financial, in combination with my educational achievements, my partner and I founded our own company in the shape of RC Real Estate Holdings, Inc. which led our path to Freedom Lending Group, Inc.

At Freedom Lending, we specialize in residential and commercial lending. However, we add a brand new twist, in knowing that we actually serve our clients' best interests and financial motivations. We realize that a home, and any and all real estate investments, will likely be the most important investments anyone ever acquires. With this realization, we strive to truly act accordingly. In a day and age where your most common household lenders (e.g. Countrywide) are receiving so much negative light due to unethical practices, we know it is hard to trust anyone. We exercise the freedom to be the last honest mortgage company.

Operating under a lender's license, we have options beyond your typical company's grasp. Licensed in 14 states and only growing, Freedom Lending is here to stay. With the ability to serve as not only an intermediary, but also as a lender, I welcome you to find a more balanced, educated, well-versed staff in the industry.  We are truly mortgage planners and advisors. Welcome!

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