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Yesterday a coaching Client called and was wildly upset.  A current client of his had just "Googled" the Agent and found a very negative review posted on  It was a very NEGATIVE review. Luckily he had enough rapport with his client that he was able to explain the negati...
I just completed a workshop on working with teams, it seems obvious that there is a lot of need out there for good coaching and intelligence on all the topics around assistants, buyer specialists and teams.  There are so many questions to be asked. The one I hear the most is "I think I need a tea...
These three elements are all required to be truly be successful as an Agent in Real Estate. Now when I speak of these three terms it is not in the traditional is what I mean.The Body refers to Systems, Skills, Habits, Knowledge and the tools of Real Estate.The Mind referes to Goals, Me...
I reached over to the table next to my bed for my glasses to see the time.  It was 5:47 and while I was watching the clock ticked one minute forward and started playing soft music.  With my eyes closed again, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed deciding to swing back or stand up.  Chava and ...

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