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An Agent told me today that she has learned to call her past Clients and open with the statement, "This is a business call."  Please, don't say that.  Believe me, I understand the logic behind it and I'll show you now, how to accomplish the same thing without that rapport breaking statement. By t...
An Agent asked me how many calls it takes to be successful.  I said it depends on who is making the calls and who they are calling.  He said, "You know Real Estate calls."   He said that he learned that if he made calls three hours a day it would make him successful and he wanted my opinion.  How...
A client on my daily free training webinar posed a question that I didn't know how to answer so I thought I would ask in this forum. Does anyone know of a good Do Not Call program that this Agent could subscribe too? Please direct all responses to or reply to this post. I lo...
Huh?  What?  A coach who says there is something more important than your goals? You bet.  Hundreds of thousands of Agents a year set a goal and throughout the year it doesn't mean a whole lot to them.  But those Agents who work on their habits, their daily and weekly habits, those Agents get res...

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