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KENTUCKY SENDING TWO TEAMS TO THE FINAL FOUR!   KENTUCKY IS A HAPPY PLACE THIS MORNING!  Depending upon where you are in the state, which school you went to and the players you may know you are either a UK or Louisville fan. And then, there are bumper stickers that say "A House Divided" - those h...
        SPRING CAME EARLY TO FT THOMAS THIS YEAR  Spring (some days it feels like Summer!) has arrived early in Ft Thomas, KY, just as it has in many places. It has been a strange year with record setting temperatures in March! This area experienced a bad tornado a couple of weeks ago today, unus...
ARE MORTGAGE BROKERS GAINING MARKET SHARE? As a mortgage broker if the answer to that question is "YES" then that would be more than welcome news. I was reading an article in "Originator News" today and here is an excerpt about mortgage brokers' growing share of the market. “This appears to be a ...
GOOD NEWS FOR FHA STREAMLINE REFINANCES Some good news for FHA refinances IF the loan was done prior to June 2009.  One of the problems in refinancing FHA loans to lower rates has been FHA has greatly increased MIP fees over the last few years. When trying to do a refinance it was a bit of a chal...
THINK TWICE ABOUT LPMI (LENDER PAID MORTGAGE INSURANCE)   I would say this exact same thing about ANY loan product before accepting it! I've run into several borrowers who want to refinance and now is a great time, but they have LPMI - lender paid mortgage insurance. LPMI was offered to borrowers...

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