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Why Real Estate Taxes May Go Up After ClosingWhy would real estate taxes go up after closing? When closing on a home purchase there are a couple of things to consider about the real estate taxes. One thing to consider is that normally when qualifying a buyer for a home purchase and in setting up ...
How Much Do I Need For A Down Payment On A Home? How much money do I need for a down payment? I will count myself as rather surprised at how many home buyers think they need to save 20% for a down payment these days. Depending upon the loan program you could need no money for a down payment (such...
Prepare To Buy A Home With A Home Buying Class Be in the know when you are buying a home by taking a home buying class. I talk to folks every day who are surprised at what they don't know about buying a home. When buying a home your goal is finding the home but also being knowledgeable about the ...
How Important Are Real Estate Taxes In Buying A Home? Lenders use PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) along with other debt to determine how much someone qualifies to buy. It is easy enough to calculate the principal and interest payment on any one of the online tools available. My we...
 I'm Self Employed, Can I Buy A Home? I had a call today from a self employed home buyer with questions about buying a home. He had called his banking partner and was told he needed two years of self employed income to qualify for a home loan and he should call a mortgage broker. And they are rig...
WHEN CLOSING COSTS ARE LESS THAN SELLER AGREED TO PAY  Before shopping for a home most home buyers will take into account their funds for down payment, closing costs and other out of pocket expenses. Depending upon the loan program these figures can vary. Mortgage loan programs each have defined ...
ARE RISING RATES DRIVING HOME BUYERS AWAY? In Northern Kentucky 2018 was a tough year to be a home buyer. Defined as a seller's market like most of the U S, if one were looking to buy you needed to be paying attention all the time. For home buyers having a real estate agent who was on the ball wa...

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