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RAJ DATE OF CFPB  BROKER BASHING It would seem if the CFPB is to be of any help to consumers it should employ those with knowledge. Raj Date does not seem to fit the bill. Marc Savitt of NAIHP thinks he should step down for broker bashing. I'm in agreement. Constantly instilling in consumers a "f...
BRAIN DRAIN - IS IT REAL? I should qualify this question with - Is It Real In Government Jobs?  I recall many years ago when I first heard the term "brain drain" it most often was tied to the engineering or medical fields in the context I heard it. I can see where persons from other countries ge...
DODD FRANK BURDEN TRACKER To say I'm not a fan of Dodd Frank is an understatement, but here is a link that I find interesting. When you consider the number of rules that need writing and the average number of pages per rule it is mind boggling. Do...
   ONE STOP SHOPPING?  OR MORTGAGE STEERING? I ran into a real estate agent this weekend who has been in the business for about 30 years. She spent most of this time with a small real estate office. In the last year she went over to a big real estate agency in the area. One that promotes"one stop...

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