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MORE REGULATION MEANS HIGHER COSTS TO ALL CONSUMERS PART TWO Thinking about the ways regulations have caused costs to escalate over the last few years for a home buyer I saw a blog about AMC's (appraisal management companies) stating what is obvious to most in the lending business. That appraisal...
MORE REGULATION MEANS HIGHER COSTS TO ALL CONSUMERS PART ONE Effective this month is the Qualified Mortgage rule. One part of this rule is that certain costs cannot exceed 3% of the loan amount. CFPB determined 3% was the magic number to be sure consumers were not being taken advantage of. Unfort...
  IS 43% DTI THE MAXIMUM FOR A QUALIFED MORTGAGE   We see continued changes in the mortgage lending world and with welcoming a new year in January 2014 we welcome the qualified/non qualified mortgage issue. There has been much written and much hand wringing over what constitutes a qualified mortg...
WHAT IS A MORTGAGE BROKER? What is a mortgage broker and how can I know I want to work with one? If you are in the market for home financing, you may want to explore this.  A mortgage broker is a company not affiliated with one particular lender or bank.   A mortgage broker can have several lende...

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