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Shawn Ziem
Insurance Doctor
location_on Clifton, NJ — Atlantic Insurors
NJ# 1071026
Get to Know Shawn Ziem

I have been in the insurance business since 2006 and continue to build on my referral business.

My business is 90% By-Referral,  I work with Realtors,  Accountants, Financial Advisors, Attorneys and Past Client's. I have been making lives better and financial freedom for years and look forward to working with you.

My priority is giving you first-class service. As a result, our valued customers and friends refer their family members, co-workers and neighbors to me for advice on any aspect of insurance. I'm interested in building strong, lasting, life-long relationships, one person at a time. It's a great way to do business, and you'll appreciate the difference!

Referrals are the life-blood of my business. If you have a friend, co-worker or neighbor who could use my help for auto, home, life, flood or business insurance, please let me know by picking up your phone and calling me. Send referrals to 201-320-3454


He is a different kind of doctor.   To save you money, and make your life easier at the same time – he has to be different.   We have a vested interest in saving you money because we work for YOU.  And we have to outperform those who claim they can do what we do and keep your money in your pocket. This is what we’ve been doing for many years.  And we are great at it. We want you to put us to the test.   We have only two goals: 1. Find you the best policy for your specific needs – every year.2. Make the process shockingly easy for you.   Enough about us. Lets talk about you for a minute – and what you deserve from people like us. •You want to save money… without spending your life learning the insurance business and shopping for the right policy. Research is our job. Leave that to us. •If you are a safe driver, you want to be sure you are getting the savings you deserve. You probably have no idea the discounts you may qualify for. We’ll show you. •If you have a bad driving record, you want to be treated fairly and respectfully. And you want the best policy for your current situation. We are proud to help you. •You want to pay on your terms. Maybe in small monthly payments by direct bill or auto. Maybe you would rather pay by credit card – or in cash? We give you the choice. •You don’t want to be haunted by a traffic violation from years ago. Most insurance companies review the last five years of your driving before they will insure you. We only review the last three years of your driving record. •You don’t want to deal with the insurance company. We do it for you. •You want immediate service when you need it the most. We offer 24 hour claim service. •You want an expert as your own personal representative. Someone well-trained and friendly – who you trust to follow up with you quickly. That’s us. We’re open during lunch and in the evening to suit YOUR schedule. We’ll work with you by phone or email. Whatever suits you. •You don’t want to deal with an automated answering service or 1-800 numbers. We don’t want to jeopardize personal service just when you need it the most.  You will get your own agent every time you call.Let us make your life a little easier – and save you money at the same time.   Schedule an insurance physical with the Insurance Doctor Today! Get a quote. And see how it pays to let us do the shopping for you.   Call 201-320-3454 Make an appointment today!!


I am looking to partner with professional people to build business together. I live by the saying from Zig Ziglar, If I help enough people get what they want then in return I will get what I want!