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First, let me say I am thrilled to finally be a member of Active Rain!!  I have heard so much about this site from a few of my co-workers and now that I am actually apart of this community makes extremely excited!!

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a 28 year woman that recently wed my college sweetheart:) I currently reside in Los Angeles County where I have lived my entire life.  I attended Cal State Northridge where I earned my B.A. in Psychology.  After I graduated instead of using my degree I decided to take a different route and headed into the Real Estate Industry.  I guess you can say its in my blood.  My father is an active Real Estate Broker, my aunt is a Real Estate Agent, and my uncle is Real Estate Investor so many of my friends thought it was no surprise that I follow the footsteps paved before me.  I started working as a Loan Processor for my father my first year out of undergrad and I'm sure if anyone has ever worked for an immediate family member you can relate when I say it is a job in itself:)  I understand they want the most from you and nothing more which why they push so that you can reach your full potential.  I learned a great deal working with my dad but I wanted to go out and show him I could take what I learned from him and improve on it.  Sure, I could stay where the money was good but proving that I could make a name for myself in the industry without "daddy" was important to me.  So, right out the gate I landed a great job as an Account Manager where I had more responsibilities and was rewarded generously.  I started as an Account Manager for about 2 years before I made a choice of testing the waters as a Loan Officer.  This was the most challenging position for me because now I had to build my clientele from scratch or I wouldn't eat!  I dabbled with being a Loan Officer for about a year and a half before trying my hand in actively selling real estate.  I worked closely with a top real estate agent about a year before the industry took a turn for the worst.  I wasn't down and out but I was down.  Real Estate in where my heart is so there was no way I would just walk away as so many of my friends did when the market continued to take a massive nosedive.  Luckily I was able to get a position still working in real estate but now working with Title where I am currently working to this day.  I used the down time in the real estate industry to my advantage which is why I decided to become a Notary.  I figured becoming a notary can be another accomplishment I could be proud of.  I am happy to say that after the classes and vigorous background checks I have earned the official title of Notary Public/Loan Signer.