Tim Ventura, Digital marketing & technology executive. (Independent Consulting)

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I make technology sexy as hell, and I make it sell.

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I have two decades of experience in the Information Technology industry, and for the last few years have been working in the Real Estate Sector with a focus on developing REO & foreclosure related software. I'm currently engaged as the Director of Marketing at Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching, the Nation's Largest Online Real Estate University.

My past engagements included Agent Press Room, with a focus on developing low-cost web-based commodity software, and at the BPO Automation Group, the nation's leading provider of machine-assisted data-entry software for real estate professionals.

This year, I'm also assisting my wife part time as she starts Peace Arch Montessori Preschool. If you live near Seattle, check it out!


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Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching the nations largest online real estate coaching organization. Over 10,000 agents from 7 different countries participate in an HREU Accredited Online program every week.  HREU Designations are recognized by California Miramar University through the CMU – Extension.  CMU is a nationally accredited University.

The university exists to advance the real estate industry through world-class education, through knowledge creation, through the generation and dissemination of business knowledge and sound, ethical leadership.

We create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of the real estate industry and with those ideas to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world.

The BPO Automation Group was founded by Tim Ventura and certified real-estate instructor / BPO-trainer Nicole Ocean with a focus on delivering top-quality solutions to BPO & REO professionals nationwide with unparalleled service and support.

BPO Automation Group is a leader in the BPO & REO industry with innovative software solutions, but we're more than just a software company.

With a focus on customer service and industry-leading solutions, we function as a service-bureau for BPO/REO professionals, providing top-tier consulting, education, support and advice for a nationwide list of invaluable clients.






Digital Marketing, Broadcasting & Information Technology professional with 22 years of executive, managerial, and technical experience. End-to-end sales & marketing pipeline expertise including planning, design, management, metrics & optimization and turn-around.

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