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Robert L. Bolton
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Get to Know Robert L. Bolton

Robert L. Bolton is the founder/CEO of the "Loss Mitigation Shortsale Institute" located in Oregon. He is considered by many to be one of the leading Loss Mitigation/Shortsale experts in America. Since, 1987, Mr. Bolton has personally helped over 500 loss mitigation/shortsale clients in his career.EDUCATION: Mr. Bolton is an Antioch Law of Law Graduate holding a Juris Doctorate degree since 1983. After graduation, he worked for the IRS at the national headquarters located in Washington, D.C. as a Tax Law Specialist in the Individual Tax Division. He also has prepared 1,000s of tax returns over more than a 30 year career without a single tax audit! In 1987, Mr. Bolton opened his own law firm on Maui, Hawaii and still has his law license. Robert L. Bolton holds three licenses: (1) Real Estate Attorney (Hawaii), (2) Real Estate Broker (Oregon) and (3) Mortgage Broker (Hawaii). Robert is also a state certified instructor that has taught pre-licensing and post-licensing education for the Oregon Real Estate Examination.

AUTHOR: Mr. Bolton has written numerous books and articles, i.e., "Shortsale Millions", "Stop Avoid & Get Out of Foreclosure", "California Nonjudicial Workshop", "Simultaneous Closings Made Easy", "Loss Mitigation, The Gateway to Shortsales", and "Contracts for Beginners" (currently in production). 

BACKGROUND:As a practicing attorney in the foreclosure field, Robert realized the incredible NEED for loss mitigation and shortsales. This was because Robert represented banks and the court system by selling delinquent properties as the trustee. Robert's practice lead him to homeowners who were in trouble and began representing this segment of society. Robert eventually specialized in the foreclosure practice and has negotiated 100's of cases since the 1980's.

Mr. Bolton is a Certified Oregon Instructor and has taught Pre-Licensing and Post-Licensing courses for new licenses to sit for the Oregon Real Estate Exam. These 7 major courses (contracts, law, finance, etc.) are incorporated into the Affiliate teaching and training programs offered by LMSI. So, not only are you learning Loss Mitigation & Shortsales, but you are learning all aspects of real estate.

EXPERIENCE: In 1987, Robert started his own successful law firm on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. He specialized in real estate law, foreclosure practice, debtor-creditor law, bankruptcy, corporate, and civil litigation. Robert has been an advocate of pre-foreclosure and has personally helped 100s of homeowners save their homes from foreclosure since the 1980s.

PUBLIC RECOGNITION: Robert was recently nominated to Cambridge University as one of the top educated individuals in the country. Previously, Robert was elected to "Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities" in 1976-1977 for outstanding merit and accomplishment.

OBJECTIVES: Robert predicted the current home market crash and lender economic crisis  that we are seeing on the news and radio. Robert is the original and first to pioneer joining Loss Mitigation and Shortsale Millions together to form the "Best" program and "Niche" in foreclosure industry today. This union will continue to attract many in the foreclosure industry because of the potential profit, equity, benefits and satisfaction of saving a homeowner in foreclosure.

Remember: We help you work your first 3 Loss Mitigation cases to make sure that you succeed and perform completently. We look forward to working with you to process these loss mitigation and shortsale cases that will only continue in the present and near future.


Loss Mitigation Shortsale Institute (LMSI) Overview:

Mission Statement: Our Company's main mission is to teach, train, educate and mentor our associates and clients in both "Shortsale" and "Loss Mitigation" techniques using our unique, exclusive, innovative programs and course materials designed to help and assist every homeowner in foreclosure. Our programs and course materials were designed for easy understand by:

(1) Investors who want to buy properties at wholesale prices

(2) Buyers who are looking for great deals on real estate

(3) Realtors who want to generate a real estate commission and

(4) Anyone looking for the best foreclosure business in America.

Why "Loss Mitigation" and "Shortsale Millions" is the 'BEST SOLUTION' to the Housing Foreclosure Crisis:

1.4 Million foreclosures are expected in 2008 Government will not bail-out the lenders who created these bad loans Government can only help a small percentage of total foreclosures expected in 2008 Lenders are more than willing to work a shortsale now Because "Interest rates" are decreasing, this will create more buyers who qualify for these shortsales Very few people know how to successfully do a shortsale 98% of the foreclosure properties are taken back by the lender 95% of homeowner defaults have no equity No equity to pay the real estate commission and closing costs means that the homeowner can't sell their property

The Answer is to Use "Loss Mitigation" and "Shortsale Millions":

Only a shortsale will allow the lender to discount the loan to sell the foreclosure property in 95% of the foreclosure cases [best solution] No other foreclosure technique will work as effective as the shortsale LMSI is the pioneer and front-runner in Shortsales/Loss Mitigation techniques, training and education [learn from the BEST] #1 Shortsale/Loss Mitigation Company in America No other company will mentor and train you step-by-step through your shortsale deal [some companies charge as high as $20,000]

The Advantages of using our Exclusive Shortsale Millions and Loss Mitigation Programs and course materials:

All documents and forms were written by an attorney Work with Robert Bolton to make sure that your foreclosure deal is legal, ethical and moral Coaching and mentoring from Robert Bolton on your Shortsale deals. CLICK HERE Write a contract (offer) and get it accepted by your buyer Make an offer for $10.00 consideration and RISK NOTHING Make a counteroffer and make your deals close Work with any party in the shortsale - the realtor, mortgage broker, title company, end-buyer, buyer's lender, the seller, the seller's lender(s), and the trustee Structuring a simultaneous closing and get paid at closing Learn the judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure process in each state and what forms to use [No other Company has this information].   Structure" your deals to make incredible "$$$, equity or carry paper" Use our exclusive "Intervivos Trust" to hold the foreclosure property without (1) creating a sale or (2) triggering the "due on sale" clause [pursuant to the Federal Law]


MISSION: "We process your Loan Modificsation/Shortsale cases." We specialize in processing the paperwork and negotiating with your lenders. Call attorney/realtor Robert Bolton for more information.