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I was raised in the South where my mother taught me what I call "common courtesy."  I say "yes ma'am", "no ma'am", "yes sir" and "no sir."  I say "please", "thank you" and I hold the door open for ladies.  I believe in treating every human being with the respect they deserve.  I believe that we are all equal and I believe in acting like it!  I preach and teach this to my agents and to my kids.  If you don't like it, there are hundreds of other brokers who are happy to treat you like trash.  If you want to be treated more like Royalty, that is what you will find here.  The fact remains that whether you buy or sell, you want to be treated like you matter and to us, you do.  It is an expensive proposition to buy OR sell a home and we know it.  We take it very seriously.  Why?  Because when we are involved with hundreds of thousands (or millions) of YOUR dollars, we have an obligation to protect those dollars and keep the most we can in your pocket.  This is no-nonsense full-service real estate.  If you want something less, you can find it.  And if you do, no need in calling us. We love our clients and we will love you too...give us 1 chance to show you!


Why hire Richard Gayle?  Well, besides being treated like royalty, you will find that Richard Gayle is competent, movitvated and dedicated to getting you where you want to go in the world of real estate?  And, isn't that why you hire an agent?  To get you where you want to go, right?  If you are renting and you want to get to homeownership, we will get you there.  If you have a home to sell (due to change in family, financial situation, employment, etc.) we will help you get to HomeSoldShip(TM).  If you want to invest, we will get you to InvestorShip/LandLordShip(TM). But we all know, talk is cheap...let me put my money where my mouth is.  Our services for Buyers are Free and come with NO obligation to buy a home.  For Sellers, we are effectively Free because we pay for ourselves by netting you MORE money in your pocket when we market your home.  California law requires that we have a written agreement to put your home on the market, but we make it an "easy-out" agreement.  IF, you were, perchance, unhappy with being treated Royally, you can exit the agreement at will, with no penalty or consequence.  Working with Richard Gayle will be a happy, WIN-WIN experience or it won't be at all!  As I said before, we LOVE our clients and isn't it NICE to be treated NICE?  Again, talk is CHEAP...TRY Richard Gayle and you won't be disappointed!


We are a full-service real estate firm that offers you the service of yesteryear while helping you to buy or sell homes, commercial properties or businesses. And , we LOVE our clients!! Try us! <s