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We are looking for Regional Developers, Joint Venture Partnerships

·        Protected Territories starting at 1,000,000 population base

·        Start part-time, be part of a team that will allow you to build and grow while you keep your current revenue stream

·        Looking for individuals capable of building, developing and maximizing  an in house sales and marketing team

·        Opportunity suitable for individuals looking for moving into a mid-range 6 figure yearly business equity position, in less than 3 years

·        Be part of a monthly residual passive profit stream Business Model

·        Joint Venture partnership opportunities with the principals of KOmmunicon and KOmKard

·        Minimum capital investment required to participate in residual monthly Business Model

·        Options available to secure control of larger Territories and off shore JVP’s

·       You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, complete support and hands on involvement from the corporate  KBG

My name is Mike Wilson,

I am the Joint Venture Partner, working with Bryan Beckstead, the CEO and Developer of KOmKard, building our KOmKard Business Model in the New England States,



This is a simple Business Opportunity that offers exceptional growth potential working with me and Bryan, developing a KOmKard Business Group in a protected territory in your part of the US, for starters.

You are busy running and building your current business and that’s why we want to talk to you. Success comes from associating yourself with already successful people.

Take a look at our Business Model, how working with us and creating and building a successful KOmKard Business Group can be very lucrative.

Take advantage of our incredible introductory offer to members of the Active Rain Community.

Then talk to Bryan or myself on how you can be part of the team that will help you build a passive, sustainable part time business into a mid-range 6 figure profit stream, for yourself,  in less than 3 years.


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