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Dear Realtors:How Would You Like to Make Full Commissions on Every Short Sale Without The Hassles of Negotiations?Do you list short sales? If you do, then you know how much work is involved in trying to get a short sale approved. First of all, the bank will only start to talk with you about a short sale if you have a buyer. Once you find that buyer, you spend hours on the phone trying to negotiate with the lender. Hours that you could potentially spend finding more properties to list, golfing, or spending time with your family.If you are successful in establishing communication with the lender, then you have to deal, and control the BPO. I'm sure you know if you make one mistake with the management of the BPO, or with communicating with the loss mitigator, or with the Short Sale process in general, the bank will not accept your offer and your deal will be dead. Then you've lost all of your marketing dollars, time and resources spent on this property.We want to work with you to create a WIN, WIN, WIN situation. We specialize in negotiating bad debt with mortgage companies. We have Ex-Bank Loss Mitigators on staff who negotiate with the mortgage companies to bring in a rapid agreement at no charge to you or your customers.We bill the Lender for our $1500 fee at the closing. Everyone wins! The homeowner gets their home sold even though they had no equity, the lender gets their bad debt off their books, and the agents get their full commissions.We are getting a lot of work now that the market has turned on us. It is gratifying that we can help now that we see how much in need our service is. Please call! We want to be part of your Short Sale team. Call us now at (866)742-8051. We look forward to helping you earn more fees and commissions.Sincerely,  Mike ThiesAtlantic Financial Solutions, Inc.



1. We get FAST Approvals...Finding the right person in the right department is a key function of negotiating a short sale.  Our staff of highly trained Negotiators deal with lenders every day.  We know who to contact, who the decision makers are and how to keep everything on track to get an approval as quickly as possible.

2. We expedite the closing...It is in our best interest to close as soon as possible, since, just like you, we don't get paid until the closing. Our staff is highly trained in dealing with the lenders.  We insure the lender has received all necessary documents, assigned the file and ordered the Broker Price Opinion.  Then we follow up diligently to assure your file receives the priority attention it requires.

3. Spend your time doing what you do best... SELLING REAL ESTATE!How would you rather spend your valuable time, waiting on hold with lenders or working with a customer?  How much more business could you generate if you weren't tied down with the frustrations of dealing with lenders. Be more productive... use Atlantic Financial Solutions, Inc.!

4. NO COST to you or your customer...We are paid by the lender at closing.

We are located in Alpharetta, GA near Atlanta, however we work all over the country with all lenders!

CALL US AT 866-742-8051!


Atlantic Financial Solutions, Inc. offers real estate agents an free outsource option for professional short sale negotiations and loss mitigation activities focusing on residential homes.