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"I know Jason through a number of networking groups that we mutually belong to. What struck me about Jason is his enthusiasm and his creative way of thinking. It caches your attention. His knowledge and expertise in the mortgage arena comes with the package. Yes, give him the opportunity to show how he can help you." December 29, 2008

William Greenfield, President, Wealth Bridge Advisory Services, LLC


I wanted to share a VERY positive experience I just had working with Jason Sanders.  Jason worked tirelessly on getting my Philadelphia property cashed out with a fantastic fixed rate.  This deal was one of those where if something could go wrong, it did.  From issues with the deed to the lender's rep being fired the week prior to settlement, this deal had a little of everything.  Jason handled it all.  All I had to do is fax paperwork, Jason dealt with the lender, title company and appraiser.  And get this, I was kept informed of everything along the way.  At least every other day I would hear from Jason with an update, even if there was none, he would call to ensure I was informed and had no concerns.  And get this, part two.  When I called him, he picked up the phone and answered!  I maybe got his voicemail 3 times and within an hour I would get a return phone call.  GREAT customer service!  I certainly will use his services again.


Peter J. Hackett

Johnell Properties LLC

Dear Jason,

We really appreciated alll the help you gave us while we were looking to obtain a mortgage, you were extremely helpful.  If we e-mailed you with a question, you got right back to us.  You were easy to get in touch with and were always a pleasure to work with.

We had never had a mortgage prior to this one, so we had quite a few questions.  You were always pleased to help us with any and all the questions we had during the process of getting us approved.  You took your time in finding us the best rate for us.  We wanted you to know that during the short period of time we had from inception to closing you were a great help.

Once we had the home inspection and found a problem with the house, you were more than willing to help us find someone to come out to give us a professional engineering opinion.  Then when we told you that we could not find an insurance company to get Home Owners Insurance through, you found a number of companies to call.  We feel that you went beyond your "Scope of Work" to assist us and make the purchase of our first home a lot easier.

We just wanted to express our gratitude to you with all you help, professionalism, and patience.  You were a great help and I feel that whoever, now and in the future, uses you as their mortgage representative, they will be greatly pleased and will refer you to their family and friends as we intend to do.

Thanks you,

Brenda and Keith Laslett and family

To whom it may concern:

I have been a homeowner for 30 years and have refinanced my home a number of times over those years to recoup my homes increasing equity.

My experience in dealing with Mr. Sanders over the past 5 years and the three equity loans that he brkered for me was very rewaqrding.  Mr. Sanders' professionalism and willingness to keep me informed during every step of the process kept any undue stress, on my part, out of my life.  Unfortunately this was not true with the preveous mortgage brokers that I had used in th past, before I met Mr. Sanders.

I have recommended Mr. Sanders to friends and customers repeatedly.  All of those people that used his services called me to thank me for introducing him to them.  Everyone told me that they were delighted with the results of the financing arrangements and were more than 100% satisfied with his exceptional service.

I would highly recommend Mr. Sanders for all your financing needs.  I sincerely believe that you can not find a mortgage broker as sincere and concerned in your well being and satisfaction with the end results in all of your financial needs.

Feel free to contact me if you are contemplating future financing and want to deal with Mr. Sanders who is a truly professional and highly ethical mortgage brokers

Harry F. Mergard

"I worked with Jason while he was with American Capital Finance and found Jason to be very patient, cooperative and very professional. I could always depend on him, he delivered. One thing I thought was great about Jason was that he did what he said he was going to do. You don't always find that in business today. Very professional." October 14, 2008

Ed McCarty, Project Manager, SNiP Telecommunications

To whom it may concern,

This is a Thank You for a job well done by Jason Sanders.  His title, Mortgage Specialist, certainly fits him.  I have never dealt with anyone in this field that was so knowledgable and willing to go above and beyond what he was supposed to do.  He has really helped us get our life back in order financially.  I will highly recommend him to anyone

Thank you Jason!

Jeff and Kim Nutt

Dear Jason,

I would like to thank you for putting in a lot of time and phone calls to find me a great deal on a mortgage in time for my closing.  That was a crazy a two weeks.  I also would like to thank you for coming to the closing.  I understand a lot of mortgage brokers don't attend, but your presence at the closing was greatly appreciated.  It's funny how this other broker keeps calling me asking me if the deal fell through.  He just can't believe I got a good deal on a 30 year fixed mortgage with my credit.  So thank you again Jason!  I would recommend you to anyone.

Kimberly Cousart

"Jason started as a client but quickly became a friend. We have worked on many loans together and I find him to be an honest, hardworking & knowledgeable. I reccomend him as a mortgage broker if you are looking for a loan, or as an employee if you are building a loyal staff." October 16, 2008

Jon Zeitz, VP Commercial Lending, Public Savings Bank

"The meetings that I have had with Jason have been very informative. He is ready and willing to work with myself or anyone else to examine all mortgage scenarios in order to come to a best fit for the customer. He also makes sure to follow up as a courtesy call to see if there is anything that he can help us with, but doesn't do it so much that it is annoying in any way. Calls from him regarding current mortgage possibilities are always received well by me." October 15, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Chris Conn

"Jason is one of the hardest working, level headed and honest people in the industry. He would be top of my list for recommendations and/or business assistance." October 14, 2008

Dixon, Carol, Operations, Carl Domino, Inc

"I've known Jason for a few years now and have always found him to be friendly, open, honest and always available. From a business standpoint, the one thing that truly sets Jason apart from others in his field is that he is always on the lookout for something that will benefit his customers and clients, whether it's professional education for himself, or a new loan or lending program." October 14, 2008

Rich Bradley, President, Proforma Creative Services

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Jason Sanders of American Dream Financial, Inc. who has been successfully assisting Buyers in purchasing a home.

Jason impressed me from the start as a person who combines professionalism and hard work.  He executes his duties as a mortgage representative with persistence and has been successful in helping Buyers achieve their goals.

In addition to his professional approach to his job, the thing that I appreciate most about Jason's performance is his consideration in keeping me informed.  His communication skills are excellent and I find that he is very conscientious in the execution of his duties and in keeping me and his clients informed of developments.

I recommend Jason Sanders without reservation.


Antoinette Wessel

Re/Max Affiliates


My name is Richard Lodato and I have been a homeowner for over 25 years.  During that time I have refinanced my property several times.

About six years ago I was considering another mortgage, but I was worried that I would not be able to obtain the same or better interest rate than I already had.  A neighbor, who spoke very highly of Mr. Sanders and his excellent service, referred me to him.

I called Mr. Sanders and made an appointment with him that same day.  Mr. Sanders completed the mortgage application and submitted it to the lender by the end of the day.  Within two days he called me and told me that I could get the amount I wanted and even offered me a better rate of interest than I already had.

I have since refinanced again with Mr. Sanders about 2 years ago and he has also closed mortgages for a number of my friends.

I can not express enough how much my friends and I are impressed with Jason Sanders' easy going personality and highly professional attitude.

I would very much recommend Mr Sanders' services to anyone seeking to finance a new or existing property.  Mr. Sanders' outstanding service and attention to the smallest details is unsurpassed.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Lodato

Dear Jason:

I would like to thank you for working with me on obtaining my various mortgages, and for giving me sound advice and guidance all along the way.  I came to you with less than the best credit rating, and you were diligent in helping me get a short-term mortgage to refinance my house and to make some needed repairs.  Since the interest rate at that time was adjustable, you worked with me twice more until I was able to obtain a fixed rate on a long term mortgage.  Not only is the rate fixed, but it is fair.

Your service has always been "above and beyond," going as far as visiting me in my home with the papers necessary to expedite the process.  I trust your advice and guidance and thank you for the best service I could have asked for.

Sincerely yours,

Genevieve Lumia

To whom it may concern,

This is a letter of recommendation for Jason Sanders.  Jason has performed two refinance deals for our current home over the last three years.  We have found Jason to be very personable, up front and honest.  He has demonstrated a high level of patience as well as a strong ability to explain every aspect of the refinance process in clear terms.  Jason is always available and works to the best interest of his clients.  For this, we highly recommend his services and will seek his services in the future as needed.

Earl McCall

Leigh McCall

Dear Jason,

Thank you for helpim me pave my way to a financially secure future.  You have turned what seemed at times, to be a hopeless dream into a real promise.

I have tried to select the one quality in you that is most impressive.  Is it:

your sincerity??

(that desire that shines though you to truely help)

your honesty??

(always backing up your promises)

your availability??

(never too busy to take a phone call or answer my questions with patience)

your knowledge??

(on mortgages and other aspects of life that arise when embarking on a mortgage journey)

All these attributes you have and they are extremely important, but I think what was most impressive too was that I felt I was dealing with a friend, a friend who was looking out for my best interests.

In this world where the almighty dollar is God, you, Jason, stand out as a hero to your clients.

I will always remember you with love.

Fran Spitzmiller 

To the powers that be:

I would like to commend your company for the help I received during a difficult time.  My wife, Jamala and I found out the real importance of being a home owner.  We were looking to get rid of a large amount of unwanted credit card debt.  We were fortunate to meet one of your representatives, Jason Sanders.  Now I was very reluctant to the idea of using the value of my home to pay off debt, but after seeing how much money I was wasting in paying interest and late charges, a home refinance was by far our best option.  Jason gave us full knowledge of the pros and cons of refinancing and how to even pay our home off sooner than the thirty year term.  He made our experience pleasant and affordable for us to have financial security without robbing Peter to pay Paul.  I just wanted to thank your company and Jason Sanders for helping my wife and me during a rough financial time.

Thank you sincerely,

Abdul Goodman

I was very satisfied with how Mr. Sanders handled my refnance.  He is very professional and very efficient.  I would certainly recommend his services to other friends and family members.  Mr. Sanders made this entire transaction easy to understand and explained all the details where I could understand. 

Tami Abel

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that Jason Sanders helped my wife and I to secure refinancing for our home in an extremely expeditious manner.  He was very helpful advising us of all the necessary documents that we needed in order to complete the process of refinancing.  This process took approximately 3 weeks which is commendable!

He was also able to secure a very good interest rate for us; much lower than what we had previously.


Stephen Combs

To whom it may concern,

My name is Pierre Heinrich and I'd like to take a moment and share with you my experience with Jason Sanders whom I believe radiates the finest representation a company could strive for.

I met Jason several weeks ago when I made the decision to take a second Mortgage Loan on my home in Haddon-Heights, NJ in order to build a Summer house in Costa Rica.  I anticipated that dealing with a Mortgage Co. would be time consuming and potentially unpleasant.  Jason disproved my assumption; from the moment I first spoke with him he put my mind well at ease and communicated quite accurately on what to expect.  It was considerate of him to come to my house at my convenience so I wouldn't have to drive the distance.  He promptly informed me of each and every update, and most of all, he negotiated a very competitive and desirable interest rate.  The entire process took approx. 10 business days, considerably less than I had expected. 

Jason was courteous as well as aggressive in terms of gettin gthe job done.  In all, he displaed the highest level of professionalism and I feel joyfully obliged to bring him to your attention, that his superior work ethics have gone neither unnoticed nor unappreciated.

I'd like to thank Jason for making this process beyond just painless, thank you for making it enjoyable.


Pierre Heinrich

I am very happy with Jason Sanders who helped me save money with my mortgage company.  I understood and trusted everything he said.

Thank you very much.

Ethel Gibson

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