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Message in a Mailbox
Direct mail simplified
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Message in a Mailbox all began in an effort to help a realtor friend with her marketing efforts. She was struggling with pulling all the pieces together and paying far too much for pieces that were unprofessional looking and didn't speak to her brand. Message in a Mailbox was built to help realtors do better for less, and that's the same spirit we bring to all our client's work.

We offer everything in one place -- strategy, design, printing and delivery, so that you don't have to run around coordinating multiple vendors. If you are in the greater Charlotte area, we offer your choice of USPS or flyer box delivery. For realtors nationally, we will mail to a list you provide or obtain a list for you based on specific demographics.

As realtors, you've got a lot on your plate. I know all to well, since my mother, sister and brother were all realtors! It's easy to let marketing fall by the wayside as you attend to immediate business matters. Message in a Mailbox wants to help keep you on track -- since repetition is KEY for direct mail to work. If you've been haphazzard about your marketing efforts in terms of where you've targeted or how often, allow us to help with a systematic approach that's proven to deliver real results.

Don't settle for a generic looking template approach (with cheesy graphics) or a print house with a 20-year-old graphic designer in charge of your brand. We take the time to know each realtor and brand them in a way that sets them apart from the competition. We're not interested in just getting your business, we're interested in "growing" your business. Each of our clients is as important as the very first "friend" who was assisted with her marketing.

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Some samples of our custom direct mail

Realtor sample postcards are towards end of clip!


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It doesn't cost more to send BETTER direct mail! We're based in Charlotte, but we service clients nationwide with our affordable postcard mail service.