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The Helping Now Network has been faithfully operating in correlation with a team of non-profit organizations such as Reaching U Network to provide simple options for individuals attempting to expand the length of stay within their homes, improve their current financial crisis within their lending institution, coordinate a forensic loan analysis, complete a financial audit deemed necessary and determine if and when you and your family have a case.

The Helping Now Network is utilized to help maintain affordable coverage to assist you and your family be foreclosure defense. We do not perform a loan modification, and as a matter of fact, it is highly recommended that if The Helping Now Network works diligently with attorneys and licensed legal associates to provide legal counsel and financial freedom during the current market conditions, and file claims against your bank as you and your family are a victim of predatory lending practices.
Helping Now Network is attorney backed 100%, as we are not performing a loan modification at any capacity, yet doing a forensic analysis and financial audit on the paperwork backed behind your mortgage. We will be requesting a copy of your note and deed, and make sure that your are protected, as a victim of predatory lending.
You will be assigned to one of our many, contracted attorney groups to fight your specific case, in your location, through our wide range of legal experts and attorneys after the forensic analysis and financial audit is complete.


Helping Now Network has joined forces with Freedom Legal Plans to help Americans with full Foreclosure Defense. Since Helping Now Network has attached legal entities and attorney back mortgage assessment programs (MAP), the Helping Now Network does a complete FORENSIC ANALYSIS and FINANCIAL ANALYSIS on the predatory lending the banks have created in each separate, file. We do the Forensic Analysis through our honorable staff of trained attorneys to complete a full financial analysis and forensic analysis on illegal banking practices, and TIL / RESPA documents.

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Freedom Legal Plans is a full, attorney backed organization that has paired up with our organization to assist the homeowner on building a case against the banks, as well as legally providing services to help save your home. We have years of experience in the world of finance, banking, and legal proceedings.

Did the bank commit fraud on your loan? Please allow Helping Now Network to assist you and your families needs. Allow Helping Now Network to assist you with your predatory loan, and conspiracies in which the bank created to defraud your home.

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