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Terkel writes about the real estate market in the Temecula Valley. There are a number of things going on in this market that makes it very different from the past. Keep up on what is happening and how to move to the future.



So here is the question - WHAT do you as a seller actually pay for?  First of all, you have heard about the splits with the broker and how the whole commission is not going in myt pocket... But what do we do?  Here's a list:  First and foremost, we are working hard on attracting buyers for your p...
Ok - so the mortgage is getting over your head - this happens - and frankly, lately, it has happened to a LOT of people, so don't feel like you are alone.  Just know one thing - There are solutions, and some that will work to your advantage, the thing we have to do - is get together and talk abou...
I was just reading a post from my friend and local competitor Pamela Seley, she had a very good question about getting Photoshop. You can read Pamela's post here - it's a good read.   SO, this got me thinking a little - having grown up in a family with cameras (LOTS of them), I may have a unique ...
There are many Realtors who fail to run their business as - well - a business... Myself included on a few days.  So, there are some things that can be done, one major thing is to work from a PLAN Plan Stands for:  Prospect for business (I know - I thought listings grew on trees too) Lead Followup...
I had a chat with a great lender over the weekend (yes, with you in mind).  Here's the problem, your daughter essentially can not use a renter, neither on a VA or a FHA will allow it on the  loan, and those are the low down options in town... if there was an option for bigger down, there might be...

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