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Terkel writes about the real estate market in the Temecula Valley. There are a number of things going on in this market that makes it very different from the past. Keep up on what is happening and how to move to the future.



  Got a video camera? Ready to be on Air Talent? Got a PLAN??? Let's get the plan part figured out.  Planning is great, you should have a plan for what is in the video, and what you are doing with the video - that said: Don't go overboard with the planning, sometimes execution is the key to getti...
This very clean French Valley Temecula, CA home for sale is a Lennar built from not too long ago. As you probably know, French Valley was first developed in the 90's, and have kept on going since then. Currently, there is quite a bit of new construction, however - the resale homes are a bit more ...
Ah, Welcome to this great French Valley, Temecula home for sale in teh Capistrano neighborhood. Now here is an opportunity to get in on a Barratt American built home, with a great floorplan, 5 bedrooms including a casita and lots of nice features.  I'll tell you this, the carpet could use a clean...
Nice, Clean, Spacious Temecula home for sale... You know all the words that are used to describe a home, and many of the superlatives come to mind for this golf course view home located in Temecula, CA. It is on the Temeku Golf Course and the house has a lot of nice features, including a very ope...
The quality of Temecula homes for sale in CA, is going up, here is another one that is in great condition and pretty mcuh turnkey.  Keep in mind that inventory is now in short supply, and there is good demand for properties to sell, buyers are willing to pay, and prices are slowly on the rise. Th...
The Handcock Park historic Preservation Area is the original Hancock park neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, CA.  There are some things to keep in mind, the original area differs a bit from the "general" Hancock Park area we see today - and keep in mind that for the purpose of real estate, ...
This is another great Temecula home for sale - in this case we are in Central Temecula off Margarita and Rancho California.  I call this home great, because it has siome nice features, the pool being one of them, and the fresh paint as well as carpet being another, it is a move in ready or "turnk...
The Hancock Park Historical Preservation area
Yesterday, we witnessed a hyped up event here in Hollywood - one that took  someone with storm - I'm just still trying to figure out who.  Naturally, I am speaking (writing) about the new Microsoft Surface tablets. This was sort of a release, but not really, it's not availble for a long time - 3-...
This is a great listing, it fits the lifestyle of Canyon Lake.  When you are done on the lake, come on home, park the boat in the garage (yes, it is built by Augustin - so you can leave the tower up), ride the elevator up to your single story home. Now it is up to you what you grab from teh fridg...

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