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A tale of two houses I've heard the phrase "With the internet we wont need Real Estate Agents anymore" Really?  Well that means Realtors don't think, have nothing to add to the process, don't earn their money. Now for reality. Not too long ago, my buyer told me "I would not buy that house, no way...
Ice Dams It seems to me that many people are having ice dams in Staten Island, and other parts of the North East were very cold weather is present.  Same old same old.  I'm re-posting my Ice Dams post from 2010.  You can see it here. So...
Selling on eBay They tell you to take plenty of photographs of what you are selling.  I find a lot to be lacking in many photos I see posted on that site. So I got out my best camera and took some photos of a Proof set I'm thinking of selling. Well, I find out that taking pictures of coins is com...
How can I get a good idea of what my house is worth today While every house is different is some way, even in tract house development, values of similar units can give you an indication of what you might expect to get in the sale of you unit today. There are sites on the web that you can go to fo...
Don't be afraid to go on vacation in the winter Want to put your home on the market in the winter and go south for a few weeks but worry about your pipes freezing? Worry no more.  If you list with me, you will have the option of using my Netatino weather station so you can check on the temperatur...
What will 2014 bring you? Shall I rephrase that to read "What will you bring to 2014"? To borrow a quote from someone, "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got". Looking back can show you what you always did.  If you continue with that action, you can expect to...

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