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What do you think about this?Talk about fairness and enclusiveness.  Read all about it. 
Stop the Presses July 20, 1969I remember it will.  At The New York TimesLocation, 229 W 43rd Street, New York, New York. 10036, 30 feet below street level, the PressroomAt about 10:30 P.M. we got the order, shutdown, stop the press.  They landed on the moon.We were told to "go to lunch".  So I wa...
CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, coverage of USA First Lady in Japan 2019.I can't find any, strange, these are "News Agency" supposed to report "NEWS", right?You can figure it out, it's sad.  I think that's why they are losing so many viewers.Now just in case you haven't seen any, just click on this link:http...
Catholics Do Not Worship  body parts of  dead SaintsAs was reported today  Sunday April 7, 2019 in my local print newspaper The Staten Island Advance by an Associated Press reporter Verena Dobnik.I do wish she would research her information better.  This is just sloppy journalism. I have a very g...
Should we stop having children?Question from the new Congresswoman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)  who questioned whether people should stop having children because of what she believes that climate change is the most important issue facing us today and that humans are the most carbon footp...
Before you vote.Will you remember promises made and promises not kept, or will your vote be based on new promises?Some promises are very vague, as "We will protect social security" but don't tell you how they are going to do that.  Will they double the taxes working people are now paying?  You kn...
What is a person to do?Say you have a farm which is located near or at the border with  Mexico.You wake up one morning and find several hundred people camping on you farm.  What are you to do?Are you OK with them eating your crops, using your land as a bathroom, or maybe some looking at your hous...
To believe or not to believe, that is the question.Maybe I should title this post "What should I believe"?Eleven years ago, former Vice President Al Gore said that Manhattan would be underwater because of melting ice in the North Atlantic.   Also Miami would be underwater soon also.ABC news on Go...
What the future holds from an experts view.Did you see the movie "Catch me if you can"?The man the movie was made about, gives a one hour presentation and talk about a few thing that I'm sure you will want to know about.  Here is the link to that talk, not the movie.  However the movie was well m...
Scammers are very smart,  we need to be smarter Just received a call that looked like it was from one of my credit card companies. I did not answer because I get way too many scam calls. However I did call my credit card company and asked if they did in fact have that number in their file as a co...

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