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By Lou Gimbutis, Chief Homebuyer, Property Solutions, LLCMuch as with any highly specialized field of endeavor, R/E investing has a language of its own.  A firm grounding in some of the more important terms can help you to grasp subtle nuances, and to more intelligently evaluate and make better d...
Goal setting is integral to success in any field of endeavor, but particularly in Real Estate Investing.  While differing strategies can certainly pay off very quickly, the greatest benefits come to those who buy property and hold on to it for a long, long time.  Rents tend to rise over time, co-...
(Over)Familiarity Breeds Contempt part 2 of 2Now, Tommy’s landlord is a real nice guy.  Watched the football game with him just the other Sunday.  If all Tommy has to do to keep a roof over his head is call his landlord and ask, plead, or threaten, can anyone else guess who will not be paid in th...
Although, as Winston Churchill so poignantly reminded us, “Without a certain degree if familiarity, we would find it quite impossible to breed anything”.So, familiarity breeds contempt? A bold, categorical statement, some would say.  No, not all tenants are created equal, just as all landlords ar...
If you’re like me, the end of the year marks a time of psychological “bookends”, consisting of December 31st and January 1st, with which to enclose the accomplishments, triumphs, defeats, and overall; gauge the forward progress (or lack thereof) of another year, irretrievably past. I hope you’ve ...
Real Estate is hot today, make no mistake about it.  We’ve all heard stories of the unsophisticated and untrained buying a property, doing very little but riding the wave of appreciation, and selling it at a tidy profit.  Television shows abound that make it look easy (primarily because they omit...
As Real Estate Investors, we are largely independent of the direction and supervision most employees receive, and thus the temptation to misuse time until such misuse has become a habit is greater than many of us are consciously aware of. Realtors all into the same category.  Our time is all we h...
Real Estate Investing can seem like a singular, all-encompassing category, but it is much better understood when broken down into its niches, or sub-areas.  From rehab and re-sell (commonly thought of as “the only strategy”), to mobile homes, commercial real estate, raw land . . . the list could ...
When I got started in Real Estate Investing, I had no money, bad credit, and no knowledge of investing or even rudimentary building construction.  I couldn't for the life of me have told you the difference between an asphalt shingle and asbestos siding. Sound like a great starting point?  I was 2...
Mailing to homeowners in pre-foreclosure has always been a mainstay of my business.  Back in 2008, a homeowner filled out a “Sell Your House” form on my website.  As I was not doing a lot of Search Engine or Pay-Per-Cick advertising at the time, and had mailed several letters to her, it was easy ...

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