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About Denise Lones of The Lones Group


As the founding partner of The Lones Group, Denise Lones brings over three decades of experience in the real estate industry. With expertise in strategic marketing, business analysis, branding, new home project planning, product development, and agent/broker training, Denise is nationally recognized as the source for all things real estate.


Denise's background in residential real estate sales and management includes an impressive list of awards. Using custom marketing campaigns and business development systems she personally created, she was consistently among the highest producing REALTORS® in a marketplace of 3,000+ agents. She then went on to brokerage ownership / management and led her office to the number one position in her marketplace. She has helped numerous real estate brokerages and builders achieve success. In 2004, Denise was awarded the prestigious Hugh Hawkins Instructor of the Year Award by the Washington Association of REALTORS® and more recently, Denise was nominated by Inman News as one of 2011's "100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders."


Denise holds the esteemed M.I.R.M. designation from the National Association of Home Builders- the top national achievement for new home marketing. She also holds the CMP and Master CSP designations from NAHB and is a certified CSP and IRM instructor. She holds the GRI designation and is also a GRI instructor. Denise is also a licensed real estate managing broker and CCIM.


As a columnist for, Realty Times, the National Association of Home Builders, and the Washington Association of REALTORS®, Denise has a strong voice in the real estate community. In addition, Denise is a regular contributor to several industry blogs, including Active Rain and RealTown®.


Denise is an instructor for many prominent trade groups and educational institutions, including®, Master Builders Association®, New Home Sales and Marketing Council, Washington Association of REALTORS® as well as other state and local REALTOR® Associations, Washington State Department of Licensing, Washington State Housing and Finance Committee, and numerous real estate companies including Windermere Real Estate, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, RE/MAX Real Estate, and Prudential Real Estate.


With a passion for improvement, Denise has helped thousands of real estate agents, brokers, managers, and business owners build their business to unprecedented levels of success, while helping them maintain balance and quality of life.


About The Lones Group


The Lones Group is a natural outgrowth of Denise's passion for improving the lives of our clients. Our team is extraordinary in the levels of experience, enthusiasm, and expertise they bring to the table.


We offer an integrated approach, supplementing branding, live education, special events, and coaching with a wide array of tools and systems to help each client maximize their unique skills and opportunities.


It's been our privilege to have worked with some of the finest real estate agents, owners, brokers, builders, and affiliated industry partners around. Our work inspires and challenges us each and every day. We wouldn't have it any other way!




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From design services to education to consulting, we are the secret behind successful real estate businesses. Our technical skills and savvy - coupled with our real-world experience - are exactly what you need to help you reach your goals.

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Coach Denise Lones
Denise's 30 years of experience in real estate, new construction, brokerage management, agent coaching and training, and real estate education.


Branded Solutions
We have built over 900 agent and brokerage brands since 2001, with thousands of solutions built on the agent brands we have created.


Nationwide Know-How
We have built brands for agents, builders, and brokerages across 33 states and three countries.


Coaching at Every Level
We have coached nearly 700 agents across half the United States over the last 20 years and at all levels in the industry.


Proven Systems
Our systems and solutions collection features over 300 ideas and strategies to cover all the processes and campaigns you need to succeed.


Curriculum Driven
Between 2011-2023, Denise taught over 1300 clock hours to thousands of real estate brokers in the Pacific Northwest.


We Know Real Estate
The Lones Group has written over 1,500 industry articles on business improvement since 2001.


Design Experts
Our Design Team has an average of 12 years of design experience per employee and our small team has logged a total of 75 years at the company.


Start Your Journey to Success!
Our talented team works exclusively with the real estate industry and we know what it takes to succeed.


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2004 Instructor of the Year, Washington Association of REALTORS®

2011 Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, Inman News nominee

Columnist for, Realty Times, RealTown, Broker Agent Social, NAHB and the Washington Association of REALTORS®

Gary Nims
In today's extremely competitive environment, it is imperative to advance yourself through education and action. The Lones Group has been overwhelmingly the best thing I have ever done for my business. Their systematic approach to broker advancement is unique because every broker is unique. They helped me analyze my personality and applied a customized blueprint that allowed me to be myself. I didn't have to fit in another coaching program's box. I was my own box and I realized there was nothing wrong with me. In fact, they continue to help me chip away at the "Michaelangelo" inside to help me uncover that truly great service provider. As a result, my clients are becoming raving fans and I'm beginning to enjoy the financial freedom and lifestyle balance that has evaded me in the past. Do yourself a huge favor. Hire them. Do what they say. You'll get the results you are after.
George Ilgenfritz
As a former high school principal, I get great pleasure watching outstanding instruction. Your class was well organized, highly informative, practical, and full of strategies designed for immediate application. Needless to say, I have already put the course to good use with my last three listing appointments. I look forward to your courses in the future.
Jason Hall
This is how we stack up in our market... I had to brag a little... The Edge class and motivation you guys bring our group has A LOT to do with these numbers! Thanks!
Ellen Hartzell
I got the listing with the CEO, he listed right then and there. Piece of cake. I had my agenda, ratios and marketing materials, positive attitude and "you" in my back pocket!
Barbara Clark
You are an amazing group of people, and I feel so blessed to be a part of Evolve.
Jan Selvar
Just want you to know how much I appreciate you and thank you, so much, for all the wonderful things I’ve learned from you over these five years. I so often think of you and find myself saying “what would Denise say”. I love your confident personality...I gain strength being around you. Seeing you yesterday reminded me, again, of what an impact you have made on my successes.
Al Chochon
In working with Lones Group Staff or attending presentations by Denise Lones, I have found a high degree of professionalism and one of high ethical standards. In a Marketing Makeover, they provided me with current up to date materials that set me apart from other agents, especially in the "Branding" concept. Their intimate knowledge of the marketing necessary to be successful in Real Estate has been a tremendous help to me. The staff is very professional, courteous, well qualified and responsive to any requests. Denise Lones professional presentations are unique in providing a high caliber work product with marketing insight and trend assessments. Denise has her pulse on Real Estate and can present Real Estate economics and statistics in a manner that brings enthusiasm and actions instead of sleep in a conference setting. My Dollars spent with the Lones Group has been one of the best investments I have made in my marketing efforts.
Cheryl Steffen
I just wanted to let you know that I received a big compliment on the buyer's package. Though I work with a lot of clients that have purchased homes before, you would think that they would understand the entire process. Well, this couple I met with this past weekend received the buyer’s packet. They raved over the information about how the agent’s commission is paid out. They had purchased property before but never sold anything so they had no idea. Mr. Buyer is an engineer and found the packet very helpful and very professional.
Carolyn Hanson
I met Denise when I was a 4 day old agent when she talked about having little puppies that she coached. I thought I want to be one of her puppies and 4 months later I became one. She is awesome. She is perceptive, she read body language, and she can tell me what I am doing when I don’t even realize what I am doing. Presently once a month instead of phone calls we meet in person for role playing which has been the most helpful experience ever. I feel like I have learned more from Denise in 8 months than I could have learned in 8 year on my own.
Emily Cross
GUESS WHAT?!?! I took a floor call this morning, went and showed these people a beautiful water front house – they needed a tape measure…I had them covered. Then, they came out to my car to get a buyer book and they saw the ZPack and said, “We are already SO impressed with you! You are SO organized!” wife looked at husband and said, “We don’t need to meet with that other agent, do we?” I called my husband and said, “OMG! They are Magic! Day ONE and I got high-end buyers! "
Bill Touchette
Dear Denise - Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed the last seminar. I found it to be an excellent distillation of some of your previous classes. The notebook alone would have been well worth the time involved, it’s my marketing bible.
Betsy Mueller
Let me start out with you have been the most inspirational, encouraging, positive and humorous person I have met in my real estate career. From the first class I took, I knew you were there to help us and were sincere. When I listen to the topics you have chosen, I feel like you are following me around and watching me! Thank you so much for just being who you are. You have given me valuable information on running my business with your conference calls and your articles. But the biggest difference you have made is my marketing materials. You and your staff were so patient with me and the end result was PERFECT. When I send out any of my materials, it makes the impact I had hoped for. I have run into people at Open Houses or walk-in at the office and more than one person has said "Oh, you're the one!" When I go on a listing presentation, my materials always make the statements that I wanted. I know that I have gotten the listing because the style, colors and layouts have made me look so good. It showcases their homes with the professional and original look that no one else is using.
Joseph Fisher
Denise and The Lones Group have helped me build an amazing and powerful personalized marketing program to build my business with confidence. The opportunity to learn from Denise and become a client has been one of the most intelligent business decisions I have made in building my real estate career. The tools and knowledge she has given me over the past months would have taken many painful years to learn on my own. She has taught me what clients really want and it works! After only two months of using my new marketing materials and implementing a few of her systems, the response I have received has exceeded my expectations. My newsletters and marketing materials are now making my phone ring every single month! My previous marking generated no responses in 12 months. I finally feel that I have the tools needed to set myself apart and take my business to the next level with confidence. Denise is one of the most dynamic, tangible, and down to earth educators in the industry. Denise, you are a great friend and truly an angel in zebra strips! I really enjoyed the last Safari call, especially your specific comments on your personal experiences with buying a home in Bellingham. WOW! After thinking about your experiences and the comments for the past week it really puts what you offer into perspective. You have given me knowledge and tools to provide my clients with a unique and amazing experience. One that, "Stands Out", as you always say. My business this year has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve already exceeded last years earnings and things continue to get better and better every month. I would not be in this position without you! A bold statement, but the absolute truth.
Anita Hearl
My frustrations with real estate and how the Lones Group has been there to help! 1. There is always something you should be doing in real estate. Whether it is preparing the next mailing, updating your database, crafting a newsletter, designing a new flyer etc. There never seems to be any down time. Denise has studied what works with regard to marketing and branding. She has designed methods and systems that are already in place to make it easy for you. Her knowledge can save you years of effort, burn out and a lot of money! 2. Support for agents. This business can be very lonely. In reality you are competing with everyone in your office. Having someone out there who is knowledgeable and genuinely concerned with your success is huge. She loves real estate and is positive about this business. I do not know many people out there with that attitude. I believe that ninety-percent of success in this business is confidence and positiveness. Reading her weekly Zebra Report is such an encouragement and gives me that little kick to keep on keepin' on. Denise is a great partner to have in your corner of the ring!
Becky Anderson
I hired The Lones group to help bring my business to a new level. I have always given good customer service and my business was doing pretty well but I needed something to help boost me. First of all I attended The Safari which was the most incredible two days I have ever spent learning how to be better at what I love to do; sell Real Estate. At The Safari I decided I needed to sign up for the marketing makeover which has been a very fun experience. The staff at The Lones Group is awesome at customer service, they really know what they are doing when it comes to marketing, and I have been very pleased with the outcome. I am happy to say that I have just completed the best year I have ever had in the Real Estate Business and I can truly say it is related to what The Lones Group has helped me achieve through my new marketing makeover.
Gary Williams
We met in September of 2005 when I was new to the business and had just joined Windermere two weeks prior to the Symposium at the University of Washington. Here I was with a new profession in a new surroundings and I did not know a soul. Then I went to your Marketing seminar and everything clicked. I realized that the person on the stage, you, was showing me the path to take toward success. I immediately became one of your clients and I am so glad that I did. Denise, because of our marketing plan and program I sold just under $7,000,000 in my first year in the real estate business. Beginning 2007 I have 19 listings that total about $15,000,000. That is a strong beginning for anyone, but I owe all of this to you. The best thing that has ever happened to me is you Denise. And, "The Difference Is Marketing."
Alan & Bonnie O'Brien
Denise's Marketing Makeover is first rate world class marketing. We have had nothing but positive feedback from people we have met. Her marketing promotes a seller's property and you at the same time. Branding our image and name in their minds, it makes us Mr. and Mrs. Real Estate to many in our area. We are in our second year of being members of the Safari Club. Monthly newsletters, Zebra Reports that help you in a timely manner in changing markets. We get a chance each month to personally hear from agents all over the country; to hear how their markets are going. We are also, in our second year of individual and group coaching with Denise. It is a light speed experience into the future of real estate success. Innovative methods of successfully presenting pricing to sellers and buyers in a changing market. One-on-one roll playing, new effective presentations, and accurate pricing of properties. We receive great group support from other coaching team members. Denise and all her programs and marketing are dynamic, effective, and memorable. The best business decision we have made in real estate is partnering with Denise Lones in developing ourselves for the new world of real estate.
Debi Braulik
I had just spent a small fortune having my marketing pieces created at "the other guys" when I met Denise. Denise knew instantly just by looking at one of my pierces that it wasn't me and that I didn't love it. And that impressed me because I hadn't told a soul that. So I made the tough decision to scrap the materials that I had only had for about 3 months and hire Denise & The Lones Group to give me a "Marketing Makeover." And I am so glad that I did. I absolutely love my new materials!! I have only had the completed materials for a little over a week, but they fit me and I am so proud and excited to start using them. And being a client of Denise's has helped me sharpen my focus. From her 36 point system to her Safari Calls to her monthly articles. They all work so beautifully together and make so much sense. I am really looking forward to a fantastic 2007. I know with the solid foundation of my marketing materials and the knowledge and insight I get from Denise that the sky is the limit.
Ben & Julie Varon
With over 10 successful years in the Real Estate business we thought we had our systems and plans in place. In fact we did, but after meeting Denise and seeing her program we have rethought our strategies. We were extremely impressed with her knowledge & overview of our industry. Over the years we've had many opportunities to buy into other programs but never did. Denise's marketing plan hit a chord that felt right to us. Unlike many people who haven't had personalized branding, we were already up and running with our own distinct image. After hearing Denise's approach we agreed to go ahead for an image "makeover". Working closely with her talented graphic artist we have a new look that we can be proud of. We are looking forward to utilizing the tools and suggestions that The Lones Group offers.
Doug Smith
Denise did a great job putting together my Marketing Makeover. She figured me out and knew exactly what to do with me!. That, by itself, is a major accomplishment! I constantly get terrific feedback from clients regarding my marketing materials. Not only that, she's now a friend! Thanks, Denise!
Connie Kopp
I have had the great, good fortune of having Denise Lones as my real estate coach since January 2002. Working with Denise was the best move that I made in my real estate career! Her knowledge, systems and enthusiastic support have helped me launch my career faster than I ever thought could happen. Denise is truly the best of the best!
Elizabeth Allard
I first heard her speak at a real estate event. I picked up some information about the yearly Safari and thought I would give it a try. Over the years I have done a plethora of education in several fields which included many motivational speakers. When I attended the Safari I felt like I was home. So many of the ideas I had floating around in my mind were addressed by Denise. Her rock solid, no nonsense assessments are amazing. She backs up her opinions with critical observation and relevant statistics. Because I have been in the industry for years and have been open to trying different methods, I have experienced a wide variety of styles. And styles come and go as I have learned. What makes Denise different is her ability to read trends and combine that with good old fashioned common sense and tested methods. The designs that we worked through for our marketing makeover seem simple now, but were complicated and worrisome for me at the time. I put my trust in her and I am glad I did. It is wonderful to work with someone who knows what they are doing and has the confidence to say so. As a professional, I so appreciate it. I have enough to do in my work. I want to be taken care of when I hire someone to do a job for me. That is what I offer my clients and I want to be treated the same way. I can remember coming out of workshops very enthusiastic, but not being successful with the program because it was so far from my own personal style. And eventually I came to believe that the trainers in my field were on the circuit because to do what they promoted just took too much of a person's life. You know, the 7 easy steps to – they may be easy if your life is one dimensional and uncomplicated! When I heard Denise say something like, "This training is about how to have a life AND have a business," I felt like I had finally found someone who sees the bigger picture. I have recommended her to people in other fields, knowing that my confidence in her abilities will be soundly substantiated. Thank goodness I have my trusted resource, Denise, in my world!
Dick Jacobson
The most valuable class that I took from Denise was on Price Reductions. That one class has been the secret to my success. It has enabled me to get overpriced listings priced where they would sell. The other thing that I learned from Denise was the value of balance between home and work. By respecting that balance, I am able to give 100% to work while I am at work and 100% to my family when I am home. This has made a tremendous difference in my Real Estate career.
JoAnne Wyatt
To Heal or Jump Start Your Career - Call Denise Along came Denise.what a shot in the arm. In fact, a much needed shot in the arm after 25+ years of annual million dollar sales. We do get in a rut and stale. My shot has lasted over five years and is still flowing. Just a few minutes with this talented business lady and you are ready to become "The American Realtor Extraordinaire" The excellence in action training provided specialized programs for generating leads; prospecting programs; creating a specialized niche; for buyer, seller and open house packages. I can see the look in the seller's eyes when I tell them they are going to get a package from me at least every two weeks with all current activity on their home and continual updates on every aspect of the real estate market. They are shocked! I highly recommend enhancing Denise's 36 point system with a personalized "something" special calendar and you will be in front of your sphere every day of the year. And, the "shell game" will guarantee success on your listing appointments. If you can cultivate the instincts in just her little finger, you will put a sparkle in your eye, a skip to your walk and you will be a cut above the rest. Extraordinaire!
Don Nunamaker
Denise has been the best thing for our company. The other companies would love to have her. She has brought together the motivation, synergization, and made our office more dynamic and forceful. Her training is real - the agents have a feeling that they are a part of it. They buy into it. They personalize her training. Denise’s methods become their methods. It is awesome. It is something wonderful that has happened to our company. I am truly grateful.
Don Nunamaker
It is a privilege to recommend Denise Lones. Why? Because she gets results! Denise has worked with our company and agents since 2001. Working with Denise is more than a quick fix that wears off over time. She assists agents in setting standards that maximizes the agent's reaching their fullest potential. Her approach to time management with agents addresses their total life style. Priorities are recognized and she emphasizes building from strengths. When a total makeover is necessary, she goes to work. I recommend Denise Lones because of her credibility in being able to orchestrate a total and positive change in the company. She provides the brokerage office the tools to become and maintain market leadership. No other instructor or coach has given the value to our firm and agents. She has energized the individual agents to their highest potential. I have every confidence in recommending Denise.
Denny Bullock
Denise became a business consultant to the Prudential MacPherson organization in the summer of 2000. Denise immediately went to work reshaping or creating six basic programs. Our existing post license training program Manager “Workshop Program” Career night, which we had twice per month Friday “Business Development Workshop” for associates Revamped our existing mentor/intern branch training program Sales rally’s Of all of the reconfiguring or creation of the new programs, the best was her personal participation in the twice monthly career night programs. Many prospective associates came to Prudential MacPherson as a direct result of Denise’s persuasive presentation at the career nights. In fact, to a great extent, the career night program was built around her thirty minute presentation. The manager’s workshops were held once a month. Denise provided valuable information for managers to take back to their branch. This information included tips on professionalizing the branch offices and the associated business tracking. Our existing post license training program was reconfigured and compressed to provide maximum pay value to the associates and a minimum amount of participation for the instructors which were the managers and Denise. We had in existence a mentor/intern (new associate) program. The basic program included a manager/intern section. An office administrator/intern section and a mentor/intern section. All of these relationships were revamped with the help of Denise and rolled out to the new associates recruited by Prudential MacPhersons. Friday business development workshops were built around several programs Denise had developed, potential clients, past clients, etc. The managers were quite successful using these programs in conjunction with the new associates to “quick start” the new associate’s career. In conclusion, I feel it is fair to say that most successful real estate companies have all or most of the programs that Denise touched. However, as a result of her insightful adjustment to these programs, Prudential MacPhersons benefited as a result of our association with Denise. As a separate category, Denise held several company-wide sales rallies that were very successful. She would bring timely information to the associates to improve their business. Denise has an excellent presence with the associates and brings to them present moment real estate advice to enhance their careers.
Doug MacPherson
To say that Denise Lones is a dynamic speaker and brilliant real estate instructor/coach only scratches the surface. The programs and materials designed by the Lones Group are exceptional in content and extremely user friendly. From for sale by owners, to past clients and everything in-between Denise has designed programs that get results. The real estate business has evolved and the Lones Group is at the forefront, with seminars, programs, materials, business consulting and support services. Working with Denise and the Lones Group has been a great experience for us.
Barbara Jones
Hiring a business coach was the step I needed to take in order to elevate my business to the next level. Denise Lones and her team have given me the necessary tools and support to take the chances and make the changes that have done just that. It is a pleasure and delight to work with Denise and the The Lones Group.
Jon Rockwood
It has been a little over two years since that memorable day that Denise responded to my statement “I need to make a lot of money”, with “how much is that”? I had told her I wanted to make at least six figures a year. She told me that if I do what she TELLS me to do that “I guarantee you’ll make that much or more”. I’m excited to report that in my first full year of being a full time real estate agent I exceeded that amount by over 25%. The best part is I haven’t yet implemented all I’ve learned from her. My goal is double that next year. I know that if I implement what she’s taught me I will reach that goal. I can’t thank Denise enough!

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