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We all live encased so comfortably in our own microscopic worlds which seem so important to us that it's easy to lose sight of the things that affect us but are not readily visible to our senses.  One of those things is knowledge of all things in the universe, of which we know but the tiniest fr...
Consider this a public service announcement, for those of you who don't know better:  Please don't TYPE IN CAPS.  Those of us who live in the technology world equate typing in caps to screaming, and quite literally we hear a screaming voice in our heads every time we read an email written in all ...
I have a very specific way I compensate employees, which I'd like to share.  I've found that this method does a great job of aligning an employee's interests with the company's, which is a "nirvana" of sorts considering how mis-aligned an employees interests can often be with a company's. I'm go...
I was lucky enough to be in GE's "Technical Leadership Program" after graduating from college, and that experience gave me a huge respect for a company that most of us associate with kitchen appliances. The truth is that GE is about far more than that, and in fact I'd consider them one of the mo...
It's so funny for me to see the cultural divide between people who understand what instant messaging is and how it affects business, and those who don't. This divide often falls along age lines but it isn't necessarily so.  I've found a better predictor is how willing someone is to try something...
Two things strike me about the "what type of credit card" (followed by the inevitable dropdown Visa / MC / Amex / Discover) question we always get on website checkouts: 1) The law of unintended consequences 2) People really are lemmings The reality is, the question"what type of credit card" happ...
What do keyboard shortcuts, the next generation of workers, and the industrial revolution have in common? A lot, as it turns out. Most college educated professionals under 25 understand the value of knowing how to use Microsoft Office, and specifically, keyboard shortcuts. Or at least some of th...
I'm consistently blown away by the general lack of understanding of what a website should be used for, especially by those people actually trying to promote their business via websites. So many people have these fluffy, information-laden websites, which is fine, but no way for someone to contact...
Well, it's time, i think... time to try weaning myself off Outlook. Like any good techie-poesur, I'm not a big fan of Microsoft software, for a lot of reasons.  Although I will say that the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is so profoundly wonderful it almost excuses all of Microsoft'...
I have this really simple rule that I use in my relationship with my fiancee,  Soo: "Whoever it's more important to, wins." Oh, but it seems so awfully simple, doesn't it? Yet when you really, really ponder this relationship rule, it's actually quite complex. Much of the friction in relationship...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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