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Do I take possession of the property on the day of closing? A client wrote: Just checking that we can actually take possession of the house on the date of closing. We’re planning to “move in” that afternoon. Any restrictions in DC on that? Yes, absolutely! Once you sign the settlement papers, the...
Here’s a sample letter from a condo conversion company; this buyer was purchasing a low-income property in Washington, DC. You can also learn more about low income credits in DC. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: John Doe Date: Jul 24, 2007 11:35 AM Subject: Update 07/27/07 To: Jane Doe Greetings...
One of the most powerful features of is its ability to search the listing notes. Here’s what that means, and why you’d want to use it. First, a bit of background on how listings are put into the MLS system, called “MRIS” in our area: A listing agent has to determine ...
Here are our VA buyer representation and DC/MD buyer representation forms. They make us your Realtor, which allows us to represent your interests. You might not even be sure why you need a Realtor. Hopefully reading through all these FAQs will show you the types of pitfalls that can confront you ...
Virginia, DC & MD state laws surprisingly let Realtors act as “dual agents” when disclosed to all parties (also known as “dual representation”). We feel that dual agency isn’t a good idea. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that it’s a disservice to our clients, so we don’t do it. Here’s why: The ...
A buyer of ours asked: Can I have two kitchens in my home in Fairfax County? Is it a zoning violation? The short answer: maybe. The long answer: You can have two kitchens as long as there is only one burner in the home. Burners can be defined as stoves or cook tops. So if you have an in-law-suite...
Absolutely. We are investors too, and we believe in the integrity & strength of the D.C. Metro real estate environment. We’ll be happy to help you through this process. Here are a few tools, tips & tricks we think you’ll like: Watch our video tutorials on: How to buy foreclosure homes (and we als...
Many of you already know about Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology. Daniel R. Odio of DROdio Real Estate, Inc. is a TJHSS&T alumnus and would be happy to share his experience at the school. Many people consider TJHSS&T to be the best high school in the US. Its average SAT score...
Yes, absolutely. Here are the really easy steps to getting our GPS loaner: Talk to your DROdio agent and have them check the schedule to see if the unit is available on the days you want it (we loan the unit out for 3 days at a time). If you don’t yet have a DROdio agent, just contact us at right...
We love using technology to make the buying process easier on you. One of the ways we do this is by enabling you to have us stamp your signatures on contracts. The Electronic Signature Authorization Form allows us to stamp your signatures on contracts, and then send them to you to approve via ema...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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