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 Looking for a fun, family event this weekend? Something to do outdoors to enjoy our glorious spring-time temperatures..? Although we are blessed by so many great events here in Tallahassee (e.g. last weekends chain of parks arts festival), we also have some incredibly beautiful neighboring towns...
If you have not yet heard about this house from me... you have got to come on down and see this. Potentially one of the most energy-efficient homes in the country, Al Simpler's Discover House is a model home for green living in the Big Bend area. Part of the National Solar Tour... April 27th, 200...
Ever wondered where you can get information on future developments and growth in your city..? Well, now Tallahasseeans have no problems finding the information that we want. Simply go to to see a list of all proposed and pending new development projects in Tallaha...
The Green Living Center (GLC), located at 1020 N. Monroe Street on the same block as Decent Pizza, aims to be Tallahassee's answer to all things green.  The GLC hosts a wide array of products and services from green businesses in and around the Tallahassee area. In fact, if you have a green busin...
Ever wanted to reduce your impact? Ever thought of becoming a composting guru? Well, now you can - and it is simple, cheap and easy to learn and incorporate into your daily routine.   In support of Earth Day, Tallahassee's Solid Waste Services and Leon County will hold their second annual Compost...
  Feeling Green? ...interested in networking? ...Like good conversation, good beer or drinks and great snacks? Great! Come on by Waterworks bar Wednesday, April 30th for our monthly Green Drinks meeting. Everyone and (almost) Anyone welcome! A fantastic opportunity for meeting other professionals...
I wanted to remind all of you Tallahasseans (and wish you were living in Tallahasseeans) that our local chapter of the US Green Building Council will be hosting the Capital Region Green Products  Fair & Trade  Show this Tuesday, April 22, 2008.   Expect a fun-filled and highly informative evening...
 Looking to get a home certified in the Tallahassee area...  For about 4 months  now, I have been actively working as a Green Home Certifying Agent with the Florida Green Building Coalition, and have worked on over 100,000 sq. ft. of green buildings in the Tallahassee area. Now, I am really excit...

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