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Wondering where to send your kids to school. Got a high-acheiving, but non-traditional student; an artistically-minded student; or a science-minded student that you believe could excel..? Great. Tallahassee has many good schools that offer nationally competitive educations and regularly send stu...
At some point in time, this is going to happen to us all. ..the inevitable click on a link to the side of your screen, accidentally bumping a key, cat jumps onto you keyboard or your little kid gives it a good whallop! Whatever the reason behind it, you are taken from the screen in which you are ...
Florida is renowned for - among many other things - it's lack of hills. At it's highest point - Britton Hill - it is only 345 ft. A mere bump to most. Surprisingly to many newcomers, Tallahassee does not quite fit this mold. This beautiful "old south" city has topography galore! For the cyclist i...
 (Click on the Banners to go to Locally Owned Tallahassee)  Here in Tallahassee, we are lucky to have such a well-developed local business network.If you are a small business owner in the area and are interested in strengthening your business by networking, giving back to, and helping build up th...
Food Consumption Around The Globe If you have not already seen this, take 5 minutes. Well worth it. The photos cover food consumption patterns for a week from families across the globe. It's not clear who had the original idea and put together the photos. Whoever it was, thanks. Very informative....
  As interest has grown in the Tallahassee area for all things green, keeping tabs on what's going on has become much more of a challenge... Luckily for us, the friendly folks out at Green Tallahassee have put together a Green Calendar. While not completely comprehensive, this is a great place to...
If you live in the Big Bend and you are interested in green living, this is an event you will not want to miss. Mark your calendars for the 22nd of March, 2008. Vendors galore, workshops, and much, much more! Check out the Sustainable Big Bend website for more information, or contact Michelle Ad...
 Tallahassee Coffee ShopsAt some point, almost everyone who moves to a new town wonders: "where is the best spot to sit down, relax and grab a great coffee..?"Where indeed! It is often really hard to find good information on where your local coffee shops are and when they are open. Far too many o...
I thought i would start my blogging on AR with a post about my city and some of the exciting green developments...Tallahassee, FL, just became listed as a "green city" with the Florida Green Building Coalition, making it only the second city in Florida to achieve this prestigious designation. Wh...

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